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What Is Copywriting?

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So what is copywriting well copywriting is the act of writing words on a page that convert better and it’s not only words on a page it could be images videos all that stuff has copy as the underlying mechanism so let’s get started this is Bobby okay he’s a sales guy his job is basically to send out like 10 sales emails or calls every day and try to get people to buy stuff so here’s his typical results he sends out 10 emails and on most days he just gets no responses back or everyone declines so that’s pretty sad right but look what he’s sending out he’s sending out the typical sales stuff so he’s emailing something and he’s basically just asking for a sale I mean wouldn’t you do that I mean Bobby’s a sales guy he’s supposed to ask for sales so he’s like I really want you to buy this from me our products are good we have a strong dedicated customer support team customer loyalty blah blah blah blah blah this is typical stuff that Bobby learned how to write an English class and through other salespeople and here’s what happens when Mystere moneybags the guy he’s trying to get to my stuff sees this he’s like this email is a huge waste of my time I mean why would mr. moneybags read this email it’s just like ask ask ask a Scots it’s just there’s nothing in it for him right so then Bobby decides to do something he decides to learn copywriting so he starts reading the boron letters Ogilvy on advertising this book will teach you to write better advertising secrets of the written word scientific advertising all these different resources on copywriting and he starts to gain all this knowledge and realizes that this style that he was doing before of just asking is actually wrong instead he starts writing emails like this he starts giving people stuff instead of asking which is very counterintuitive for most salespeople so he says hey mr. moneybags I figured out a way to cut your htx building cost by at least 55 percent I attached a report that shows how to do this and I found you three vendors close by that can help you with this basically he’s really sending a lot of cool stuff to mr. moneybags notice what’s absent from this email is there’s nothing asking he’s not asking for anything he’s not looking for a handout he’s not trying to sell anything so mr. moneybags sees this and he’s like whoa also vendor recommendations that save me tons of money yes please like why wouldn’t he like this he’s just getting cool stuff so Bobbie changes his email and his rate goes from almost all rejections to now over half of the people are opening and responding now of course this correlates to a lot more money for Bobbie right and what was the thing he did all he did was learn copywriting and so that’s what I want to get you I just want to get you from the state of mentality of being a ask ask ask and getting these results to getting give give give and getting these results so with that let’s start learning some copywriting you

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Posted by Ian

Ian has marketed for some of the world's best-known brands like Hewlett-Packard, Ryder, Force Factor, and CIT Bank. His content has been downloaded 50,000+ times and viewed by over 90% of the Fortune 500. His marketing has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Adweek, Business Insider, Seeking Alpha, Tech Crunch, Y Combinator, and Lifehacker. With over 10 startups under his belt, Ian's been described as a serial entrepreneur— a badge he wears with pride. Ian's a published author and musician and when he's not obsessively testing the next marketing idea, he can be found hanging out with family and friends north of Boston.

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