How To Sell MILLIONS Without Ever Opening Your Mouth! Copywriting Secrets: Simple 5-Step Formula

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How To Sell MILLIONS Without Ever Opening Your Mouth! Copywriting Secrets: Simple 5-Step Formula

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Welcome to ask the program car down here and every week I bring someone that’s in a position to share with you knowledge that can get you in that professional expert space today I have with me an ich Sun Gaul Senegal right single young Gulf single stem Dell and this guy the story is like I am so excited to have you here man thanks man I’m to be their founder and CEO of learn ich okay he’s gotten some unbelievable press Business Week recognizing his top three of the best u.s. entrepreneurs in the world eat 500 said he’s been on a fastest growing list twice right after company does 120 million dollars a year in online sales he’s doing we’ve done 120 million total we’re doing about over on either 25 million a year right now he’s doing 20 million dollars I like it did he John is good I’ve had people in here be like yeah I’ll take it okay and now he’s here to teach me I put people in that chair just so you know I’m a mom I’m a greedy man but so I want people that can teach me something and we’re going to be talking about evergreen funnels today which I don’t know what that is about building backends I think I have one but I’m not sure article marketing the guy’s a copyright expert so so great to have you here I’m an opposer to be here yeah you know what I want to talk about today is basically how to make millions and sell millions without ever freaking open your mouth really you can just grab our got to work that’s know you won’t so look I used to I used to travel used to speak on stage all the time I spent over 30 million in sales on stage right and I was on the road and it was awesome it was great but it was tiring and that was available yeah yeah I can only be in so many places at one time right so I reverse engineer what I used to do on stage and I figured out how to just move it to the internet uh-huh and how it put words on the page right I’m here with you right now and there are sales flying in left right and center everywhere coming in from all over the world yeah 57% of our customers learn now are not in the u.s. they’re all over the world and this is because of the words that we put on a page and so I don’t have to be present to do the sale I thought those words represent so you’re automating well first of all you’re able to be in a lot of places at one time now because the internet absolutely and you’re automating so you’re not speaking to one audience no no so I’ll give you an example right I always talk about that so you know let’s talk about the salesman that comes in with a briefcase in their hands and not going to door you open the door they walk in right yeah yeah best-case scenario that salesman can go to what ten ten people’s homes in a day fifteen twenty well I was assuming sells 100 percent of them he can make ten or twenty sales there you go right now I was in a webinar just the other day I had seven hundred people on the web now okay and I just throw it out there I said where you guys from tell me we’re calling from we had Malaysia we had UK Canada free webinar uh yeah okay was just it was basically like me walking in to the homes of seven other people all over the world at one time yeah yeah and I’m just using my simplified step formula so the same thing I would do on stage and I’d crush it not kill it but now I’m able to do the exact same thing but and I can sit in my boxers in my house uh-huh I don’t have to be a lower cost almost no cost like we’re renting Mandalay Bay in a forget the next book you know I’m writing a check you man delayed for three over three million yeah that’s before I had the super Tron in the middle of the building yep so you’re saying like what did this webinar cost you to run the other night nothing I mean I pay the webinar platform a monthly fee right but I don’t like but we’re talking hundreds but now they’re talking tricky box and and your time to sit down and my time to sit down and the expertise that you’re going to share with the audience yeah absolutely that’s it okay so so so and I do we do webinars here so tell me what is first of all what is learned Lu or and why kappa logic learn glad you asked we are a transformational home for entrepreneurs i call to learn just because i thought it was a funny play on the word learn lar and i just misspelled it but we teach we inspire we motivate we are the place where entrepreneurs come to get their start you know we specialize in workers and we’re building the center right now about a twenty five thousand square foot center that is a home it’s literally come on in and you can use the whole place and get your business up and running so learn is a transformational home for entrepreneurs but and entrepreneurs gotta learn to sell a knobs learn to be a will don’t want to do that exactly we’ve had this discussion here so many times I mean the space that I’m in people actually don’t want to do yeah that’s because their scariest selling face-to-face but also my words on a page you get to be tied down the computer right those words represent you and all of a sudden everyone’s happy to learn it and there’s a lot I was making an unbelievable amounts of money wait what more money than I make yeah there’s I mean just billions of dollars going around look at okay look at direct marketing nobody argues the direct marketing world has done what I was right so so so let me just back up to something okay because I want I want to clarify what these things made on maybe a lot of people are watching this right now and you understand what what a product launch is an evergreen funnel but I want to make sure everybody watch it understand us because I think it’s really valuable when you say the entrepreneur that learn is for entrepreneurs does that mean it’s not for a small business no it’s absolutely for small businesses it’s for that person’s out there trying to pave their own path right not a small business as an entrepreneur and actually small businesses are the ones who need us the most I mean like is that a franchise is that a traditional business or is it is it is it a young grant cardone at 29 trying to get a name it’s it’s actually going to be both individuals the key there is that that entrepreneur needs to learn two major things right they need to get their mindset right to be an entrepreneur it’s different than being an employee how to learn how to get more customers they gotta learn how to get more people in that’s when they come to learn so whether it’s a young twenty nine grant cardone who needs to figure out how to build his brand how to get out there how to bring people to him how to get sales how to get revenue or whether it’s your local dentist down the street who’s gotta get more people walking into that dentist office so it could be a yoga a yoga instructor yeah or it could be a guy starting a CrossFit gym exactly I’m just thinking about so my friends that I see online they’re trying to build their business job it could be a chiropractor or dentist exactly absolutely and I got a lot of business for you okay so what would be the first thing you would tell me to do okay let’s say I’m an individual and and then also in every example let’s say that I have already have a practices going but I want to scale it out I want to grow it I get you online it we got to get the right words to represent you on line so that you can hit the right trigger points cause your website when someone comes to that page then you need to hit up right where it hurts so that they can’t leave and they want to come if it’s a dentist I want to come to your practice if it’s a young grant cardone they want to know what are you going to do for me but but how do they get to me well that’s so we teach all kinds of traffic generation strategies like we do right now we’re getting close to a million a month invested into Facebook a month and we’re literally doubling tripling that Facebook you got YouTube you got search engines you got social media I mean there’s there’s more ways you would come to me you would come to me and they can say hey grant you need to run more I mean like what’s what’s one thing you see me doing or that I could do better I’m here doing a ton of Facebook rights on a social media but here’s the thing right so people say how do I get people to me and I always ask a different question I said before you start worrying about getting people to you are you ready to be able to even handle them when they come to you right we got to work on conversion first before we work on traffic because there’s a big misconception out there about buying traffic people think I kind of learn how to get the cheapest clicks and lower my cost right if you learn how to convert better right got a better funnel you got a better converting page it doesn’t matter what you spent you could spend you can out-compete everybody on traffic con huh so for me I don’t care what I’m spending because it’s virtually impossible for me to lose money oh yeah right so I’m going to turn back and first say what are the pages they’re going through what are the process what you know how many people are actually going to engage with me and become a customer once I got that data down real quick boom I can scale my traffic in multiple place yeah okay but did you see you know you’re like a doctor opening up a guy’s chest and you know where everything is and I’m sitting there saying like dude I don’t know what you’re talking about sir so so you know I want to educate I want I want the audience to be able to say dude I got it now they want to call you into business with you sure okay so for the for the my friend Torrie Wilson okay she’s a bodybuilder she’s great shape she’s in Malibu what’s the first thing she does I don’t have the landing page she has a website she probably already got a website she’s on Instagram landing page alright so first thing she’s going to do is figure out how she can start to establish a connection with the people right just going straight for the jugular going for the sale that was 20 years ago not today so she’s going to set up a simple what we call Paige now what that is is someone comes to a website it has a nice headline at the top yeah a picture of a free report a free book something she didn’t get for free okay give me maybe some some give in the big night again yeah always a give right to you salvage that connection they put their email address then and now she’s going to have a sequence of emails that go out that warm her up to them talk about her yeah give content give value and in time that starts to transfer you okay so let’s just walk through a couple of scenarios the genesis will give a free what identity coming here free maybe a free x-ray there you go free consultation to come in in okay we’ll have a look okay take X percent off your next treatment right you can give away a coupon uh-huh that’s still a gift you’re giving something of value to make someone when I like free x-ray I hate paying for the x-rays there you go free x-rays and by the way who wants a new place x-rayed anyway something’s got yeah yeah some kind of interest on there because you just got to think value what can you give that the other person sees of extreme value in their situation where they are in there and it also triggers interest in that product line exactly okay so now I captured this data yep so now you tap to the data the next part of it is connect you got to build that relationship up because what you need to do is build yourself as an expert in the minds of these individuals as the person that they need to be with and the biggest misconception here people think all right if I want to be an expert here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to tell you all my credential okay grant I’m in Business Week I’m an Inc I mean yeah man nobody requests you yeah but it’s not going to connect me in you right right because you’re going to sit there and I call this a Batman versus Robin right it’s like if I came to and said then you should be saving people at night Batman does it you did yeah he’s a billionaire this is that Batman versus if I said hey you should drive Batman my room you know it really real yeah but the whole point here is you build a connection uh-huh by given value so you want to build credibility you do it over a span of time by giving good content unique content that makes people have aha moments as a dentist you know you can deliver content that shows people things that they would have never heard about taking care of their teeth and that makes that person think well this guy is I’m continuing to deliver this in email yeah okay exactly and an end you got a landing so now after that landing page you’ve got another landing page uh-huh next landing page says hey book your appointment with me come get your free x-ray here’s four reasons why right Jill because all for the free x-ray the first time doesn’t mean people are going to say I’m making him up on the free x-ray I mean a large percentage might but you’re not going to give up on the ones that say no right giving the hustle after them to the way you do that is by continuing to give value and staying in front of them uh-huh and offering them again something of value that so what I call this is interactive marketing from all yeses you build in small yeses at a time but back twenty years ago we couldn’t do that with direct marketing if I sent you a direct mail I had to go for the ad to go for the sale today I can ease the process out build my connection with you and I can get more psychological but I can play at a at a psychology level that I can really build myself as an expert in your mind and and I’m going to do it in pieces and that’s the sir so are you going to help me then build out all these different responses or these things I guess I mean you talk about I don’t have to talk to people now to sell them yeah so what’s the play and what does the evergreen funnel me so the evergreen funnel is exactly that that’s why I don’t have to talk to people uh-huh because you can automate you talk good no dude thanks that’s good I want to talk to you oh that’s positive people because I don’t have to talk to people but people all the time right so so an evergreen funnel right is you can automate all this because got technology so let’s say you come to my site you see a free report for me right you see something from me that says how to build an evergreen fun or like I want to know that so you pop your email address in I start to give you some content right I can automate all that I can say that listen when grant comes to my website three days after he put his email address and show me this page show him this email so in time then I might send you four or five days later I might say can’t do it a free webinar you want to hop on I’m going to teach you all the ins and outs of evergreen funnels you say yeah I’m in so that’s another yes now got you to commit one level further and I’m strengthen that relationship with an expert exactly what about just puking egg facts and stats exactly so now you come and you’re going to come to that website you sign up for my webinar and here’s the best part I can I can make that evergreen I don’t want to be there I record the webinar one yeah yeah I can use technology to make it look like I’m there and it just plays back do you watch the webinar you enjoy Congress Robert do we do we don’t do Evergreen we just work granted oh that’s all do it all on grant you killing me huh come on I got five hour I mean we promised a two-hour webinar lewis howes I did my first webinar with Lewis yeah and and in the next one we did we do all pay they’re all paid people gave us money because it was my belief hey if you trade $49 with me yes then you’re serious yep no I’m not getting rich yep and and I know if we need done for free I’m sure they got some other people yeah I don’t know how serious they take it if they don’t spend money I mean do you have any yeah well so we’re doing a big virtual summit right now coming up and got a dollar yeah and I say it straight what you said look trying something take something otherwise you’re not going to treat it with value right yeah so there’s a hole again right selling even online even through words it’s psychology right right on technology so so what you’re doing is actually right but we run just so you know I’m here right now there’s a webinar running I’m in some places right now uh-huh there’s a webinar running right now there’s representing me and and it maker here’s Batman so so yeah so why don’t we want runner come on man let’s do it so so now let me just understand this okay let’s say let me take card on capital yeah okay I just became up I don’t know if you know there’s a private equity fund my doodle is it so yeah this would be a great product to do right this would be an unbelievable product absolutely can do this thing that you’re talking about all day long do all day long so I would be like hey hey come invest in my phone I could do that yep or I could be like hey let me show you how to get in the real estate game exactly first teach me right yeah yeah you’re going to teach me I’m going to say dammit I want to do all that no no no no that right yeah the next thing I want to say is well where can i oh I like you you know your stuff you’re the one who taught me yes take my money do it for me yeah yeah if you don’t even have to sell it’s just that no I think you just cared a little what for you don’t have to sell you still gotta give me you still regarded by something you know and having that know some but that sales process has been going on behind the scenes for a long time yeah that’s the evergreen funnel yeah it’s just done in pieces yeah yeah small pieces that so the person doesn’t feel like I did a webinar I did webinar 495 accredited investors Saturday night from my home you would say record that send it out again yeah hanky Emmett here’s another reason why you do a webinar in firmwares your family from originally in dark skin front NDA event so you guys know hard work hey yeah hustle a soft right and you get here just by chance every time I say Oh tell me what’s India like they’re like man it’s hard no it is not like our place yeah it’s hard face so so how long you been in the US I’ve born you born abroad I live in Maryland so I’m right in the DC area you want to brought up right in this area I went I lived in India for like three years when I was little and then some terrorist threatened to kidnap me so my parents bought me back that’s one of the story oh yeah yeah hahaha that’s evergreen marketing right yeah okay so so you build the webinar you do the webinar once yeah then you buy an ad you buy an ad on Facebook just to say hey come see my come learn how to make money online exactly or come learn about how to get rich in real estate yeah anything and then they get their know like so what happily happens people watch you you coach them you help them and they’re like can you do this for me so on our webinars we teach we coach we give away the value and then we show them our software’s we show them what we offer in the end of it we say listen we showed you two ways to do this you’re hard by self then there’s the easy way you learn our software’s and using our help yes when do you want to go for one go this route this is all you have to invest and it is one of those decisions where 10 to 15 percent of the people watching by right on the Suganya but we do care about that number is that number important to you that is a number no man yeah I’m a data guy why is that number important to you the numbers important because it turns into dollar me the thing that’s important to me is there’s the 20 million get bigger okay so we grew 100 percent this year okay yeah I see I like ya know yeah doesn’t mean something we went we went we went from 10 20 next year already projecting about 30 35 million so we’re growing big time and here’s why that number means the world to me which number dollar verdict how much are the conversion numbers whatever to say alright so if I’m converting better and get more dollars per lead out of it yeah yeah more dollars per lead I got the more I can spend on my advertising more I spent on advertising i buy Facebook’s love right out-compete all my competitors because I’m willing to put more money down on my ass dominate dominates the word not out-compete dominate alright I don’t have you oh no you own it see and so you can scale because no one getting your way that’s why a funnel is absolutely the most important part of the process but if you can have a good funnel you got to be able to write the right words on those pages so what are the right words man I or you want to take a break real quick Rob Robert you want your man I’m getting so much dad I’m so excited right now I want to go in and say hey man make all my webinars how many webinars have we done and none of them are evergreen listen now which miss out on million I miss out a million million million especially with your following and what you going to hit is making a million a I’ve already done the math one point eight three three million per month yep okay most people don’t see that four five six seven eight years twenty million dollars a year contributed over 120 million dollars in online publishing sales I mean if I get your advice I’ll do that first year no 120 guarantee I’ll double you business guaranteed I’ll be telling everybody man listens to do go see the guys at learn we’re tell me about the facility real quick the 12 X facility so it’s going to go live early next year it’s already being built months from now they’re going to start breaking everything down so we got a big video studio we got a huge co-worker we got on-site coaching we’re gonna be bringing in people it’s located Mary and Marilyn yes the first one got a web season we’re building these all over the place I’d love to have you for the opening weekend yeah yeah get you down there yeah so we got a cold work space to so we have open desk everywhere so that entrepreneurs don’t have to be alone not to be lonely they come in they work in this place that inspires people around them are the same as them yeah we got lecture hall every weekend open to the community free everyone come on in with your training and we really just serve that community with education guys go big man I like that okay my name is grant cardone this is uniike honey cryonic onic onic like a jewel like a jewel right what Islamic me now I have no idea oh actually in advance great that means leader in summoner means leader leader single we’re talking about network marketing not really we’re talking about online marketing okay but it could be used for network oh yeah yeah I see the network markers they all show up in Vegas for the big show my what are you gonna do the rest of the year dude what like the ad costs $5 on Facebook I don’t know why everybody’s not doing a thing like so they’re so focused on calling their friends and family in everybody there’s a whole world right that you can just chill relax and get yourself on the online build you’re missing that chill relax think okay we’re going to be right back with a stupor oh okay we think user experience rethink the digital sales process and rethink how you communicate with your customers pixel 506 is a digital design agency marketing and developing company with one goal in mind how do you effectively simplify your digital presence to make your prospects do more business become excited and never feel confused when it comes to understanding what it is you do working with companies like future Latins New York Metro Transit Authority and more pixel 506 has successfully grown businesses increased leads and created a lasting digital and social presence to drive more revenue and increase our alive if you want this for your business you can learn more about pixel 506 at pixel 506 dot-com that’s pixel 506 dot-com are you tired of 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employee how to get a cheaper freemium register now at 8 gk pro group comm that AG capital group dot-com hey welcome back at the program are down here every week happening to somebody that’s in super super expert space very very like narrow this i mean i think it is narrow but it’s not i mean you’re an expert in a specific thing right i’m yeah it goes wide i think that this one specific thing makes me capable of being an expert and other things but this is the thing that’s what got me might start yeah because we keep you keen if you can’t drive traffic yep right and then do you really care how quality it is in the beginning the traffic yeah yeah it matters traffic definitely matters but one of those those are the quality of the traffic yeah it doesn’t matter yeah it does matter but you know what helps that matter less is when you’ve got the best funnel on the right words on the page huh you can afford to still get traffic that’s not as high-quality now if you don’t have the right words then you’re gonna need traffic okay you brought up right words so many times do what we’re going to do is alright look at one of my letters okay tell me why and all the wrong words you got it and then i’m gonna walk in there and like you know i’m gonna kill like 12 now we’re doing it wrong i know i know we’re doing it wrong i go i see the letters man so you know before we see the specific letters yeah a five-step process we gotta coach okay this is the psychology of the written word on for sale so number one pull up one of them no never one is introduction right ok jeiza that’s their profound about that let’s use my court on capital thing like what would you tell me to say there so first of all it depends you don’t know why are you doing a video sales that are you doing a sales no let’s say right now i’m just trying to say hey would you like to are you interested in real estate I’m just trying to find out who’s interested got it so like I do I think this is a really good practical right here I think we got to get more we got to get more specific right I need to be able to see right off the bat I have to be able to feel what you’re gonna give me if I engage with you because of purpose of an introduction step one this is to convince someone to stay everybody loves real estate everybody I’ve never met anybody doesn’t write real estate except Daymond John true but better Johnny we didn’t like it I do what what happened man you lost the money ha ha well okay look everyone loves real estate I agree but what I want to know from you is if I engage with you during this presentation whether it’s a video but what am I going to get why do you say I’m in a presentation already well you’ve got a letter going or you got some kind of presentation what what was that we’re working on I don’t know that’s what I’m asking so in my mind I’m thinking hey I want to tell the world mm-hmm I want to show you like I’m so passionate about this what do they ever invest in my fun or not hey I want to show you how to make money in real estate got it get the money out of the bank and put it in a real deal right so you got you got three main different kinds of copy okay right you got what we call a written sales letter uh-huh okay so that’s basically those old-school letters I got shipped to your house but it’s online yeah you got a video sales letter that sitting on a landing page or something is sitting on a website so landing page but what are you landing okay the second thing you got is a it’s called a video sales look video sales would all right it’s basically like it’s like an infomercial like I posted online you can just grant cardone or something exactly okay number three you got the webinar why we talked to them I’m doing good so your approach is going to be different lightly the five-step process is the same okay but kind a little bit different so the introduction right what I’m going to do is if I got a ramble on butter yeah yeah I’m going to say something that’s going to make you want to read that letter or I’m gonna say something weak you watch the video okay so here’s my introduction you know if we do it like this I’ll do it yeah man hey Jesse have you ever been disappointed from setting unrealistic goals that’s not specific enough it doesn’t make me taste something yeah yeah like am I on satellite this we’re totally like let’s put something on paper for me I think that’s what most people let me see what we will you go on today so that I can actually break it down for you and then dude I had a guy who was the guy that said I need to spend like two hundred thousand dollars for a copywriter no no for one copy of a written letter like every time I was going to spend 80 grand or 100 yen last char’s personally 225 225 sounds to write a 30 minute video sales but my client went on to make like 8 million from it though yeah so they didn’t care but I did that was the last time I thought right how do I make sense to them and I mean I have the money I’m like I’m not paying anybody 200 grand or write a letter for me yeah well you know it’s because of the conversion so that particular client would get it written from someone else and they would do a launch as 3 4 million yeah they got me in and they did 8 so y’all ROI is in just that the words were that much better right how do you sell that how do you sell that idea like like how did I sell I’m making a cup of coffee and it’s going to be 12 million not I didn’t sell it actually I was saying no to it let me hear so you got here is the basic hook you’re trying to get at right is that we got unrealistic goals right so here it clears here’s a better introduction yeah yeah what’s a better goal to have $100,000 or 1 million question mark oh good good now I grew you in I asked a question yeah my point of the introduction and drawing you in that’s it that’s the only purpose of it is to draw you in to read the rest of it not to go for this yeah relevant because for me I don’t want to start by saying hey have you ever been disappointed exactly and it brings me back to oh my bad bad memory brings us back to that and they’re bringing the guy to something yep hey what would it be a better goal 100 grand or 100 million and I’m saying no my 1 million or 1 million same thing 200,000 yeah well that’s what you said here so so I’m setting them up because they’re gonna make 1 million and my guess is I haven’t read the whole thing when I got the point you’re making is no dude like you got to get 200,000 first is that the point Meaghan in this email I have no idea all right I wouldn’t even really want let me I’m just telling you really like like like I had a lady send me something last week she’s probably trying to do something similar I mean not not really because she didn’t have the funnel she’s sending out an email hey grant your jet lost two million dollars last year I did the math I did the math on I wrote it back I’m like did the opening line tells me I definitely know when to do business with you yes don’t open with doing a lot exactly you know how you could save two million dollars this year from your jet or something like that I’ll get your attention more likely than how you lost but yeah coming back to this right the first line does says are you disappointed from setting unrealistic goal yeah so I’m going to set you up I’m going to ask you a hundred thousand versus a million you person read is saying million of course and then we come in and and we prove them wrong and that’s how we get them interested yeah right so that’s the introduction the whole purpose the whole point just to get them to engage with your contacts it nothing more than that then we move on to story all right that’s step number two okay introductions story yes now story is a really interesting piece because most people think they got to start glorifying themselves ya know the story here would be if I can cuz you’re going me right now look man the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life with it 25 years old setting goals that were too small got it alright so we would know that not really like that I do I want more specific on iconic I like this yeah okay what like what I want more so you want me to go do you only do you want me to go make me feel it yeah yeah you know make me feel let me start pulling it we there you know the heartstrings is that a terrible end so debt so what I want if I was broke my daddy beat me well you don’t have to go that far but yeah that look that’s that stuff makes connections yeah yeah you know the purpose of a story is to relate with the person reading they got to relate to you you can’t be up here yeah you got to be down here with them huh so when we tell a story empathy yes we tell a story that says look man I was just like you I understand and and this is where that whole Batman versus Robin thing I was talking about or comes up is I’m not some special person I’m not superhuman right right I’m Robin right right this this product this system man saved my life this this is Batman right now I’m a bring into it right right so you establish that connection that rapport with someone in your story yeah and your story is not your story it’s the story of the product and your journey to discovering it most people get that all wrong most people think they got to tell their story yeah but they actually got to tell the story of how they discovered yeah product yeah yeah yeah that’s it that’s the story you’ve got to make sure by the end of your story the person says you know what man if grant can do it I can do yeah yeah exactly that’s what they got to be able to say at the end of us know how I discovered the product yeah I miss solution yeah that’s what Kevin Ryan tells me all the time he’s like menu you’re not selling sales training dude you’re making people’s lives easy you know and I said I don’t know it’s talking about it’s like when you started learning how to sell better did it make your life easy they go I said yeah man it did they go now I knew what to say to people yep there you go No so the real estate I guess what you’re saying here is I discovered this income property thing even when the economy got bad I still had income you go so you can start across you can like I’m not even brilliant I’m not Einstein yes I stumbled oh yeah we got it okay now we got it who does this really well a Kern doesn’t good current acts like I don’t know anything I’m just a surfer dude same five steps okay what so introduction yeah introduction story number three content content here’s the deal in the day of interactive marketing now a consumer is so greedy that even in your presentation your sales presentation they won’t value yeah give me something I can walk away with make me feel something some aha moment often click in my head so the content is a fine game that’s where you’re basically given to what not the help you can’t get the hell but you got to give enough of the what that they feel they walked away with some unique value and here’s where the big pivot is this where people suffer here on through their short content oh and I’ll tell you why contents where you get to sale yeah it’s not to pay I got a lot of content get the content is we throw content shard own story and caring and let me give you a little tip on how I do content I make everything linear alright I love diagrams I love steps because the human mind we think in the linear way we get over an over well mine’s not going to buy so I lay it all out in a beautiful little step-by-step that’s why I got what five steps right I got five steps if you see my diagram it’s just five blocks they connect to each other maybe we can get as a diagram yeah so so that so the and here’s the last part so I always say this when you watch content someone has to have an aha moment uh-huh ahaha so I’ll give it a prime example let’s say I’m a fitness coach right and I say here’s my four step process to losing weight eat less workout more sleep more and drink more water yeah that come to you and I’m like hey man it’s just a thousand bucks we’ll sign up with me Hey look at me be like seriously like I’m not paying you for that like that even though that’s how you lose weight now is something I’m like alright I have what I call my palm strategy I’m gonna show you how to eat whatever you want I’ll show you how to eat just enough number two I’m going to I do the morning warrior how to get your you know heart rate to spike in the morning at seven minutes and start losing weight the whole day I’m walking you through the same things yeah but not giving away the I got the unique I got something going where someone’s like what I could just warm everywhere you become your your your specialist at your craft of using words and copyright exactly so that is that’s content giving someone a unique moment aha moment look when you come here and sit here in that chair for ask the pro this is what you need to sound like thank you saying I’m just saying sound like a pro by the way you can’t fake it okay look if I ask you a question should have an answer not a red book what you should know you should know no no this dude you should have called it no now like learn or not learn no too many people are learning stuff man they don’t know anything man you know your game like I know when I talk to you and that builds confidence right now I want to give you Q on a grand for a copy right I’m feeling like my step systems work is there to play around okay okay number four steps well no remember I told you content is where you get the sale yeah yeah right yeah yeah you did say that yeah yeah so Step five is we where I confirm the sale so we’re not there yet I’ll confirmed in a minute okay well good can we use some real estate example yeah I do higher okay so so do the real estate thing with the introduction so with the introduction it’s I know you don’t know my slows energy yeah so you said something about how you made money even when the market completely collapsed right there might be oh that’s not the introduction is it could be have you ever wanted to make do you know anybody’s got rich in real estate did you ever can feel that maybe I’m not feel it yet so it’s like what if you could quit your job make more money or you know I gotta get one person even do that dude is like a communist I mean it’s like exactly right oh slice like it so I can’t tell people to quit there’s I stopped halfway right through that because I didn’t like it either yeah yeah I like that I got it like you didn’t like it I gotta pick a few specific features I got I got a look I can’t write copy without having your product in front of you knowing everything really well no you see ah you know what it is the guy so the guy’s going to end investing and not have hey if you ever wondered about real estate but you didn’t have the time didn’t have the money couldn’t find the deal there you go okay now we got because I was there when I was 25 when I started buying real estate when I was 29 years old I couldn’t find the deals didn’t have the money I knew it was smart I knew it would work I think we just got a copywriter ioniq nice okay but do you see the difference in that introduction you added those three things in dentists if ik I could guess what you were saying cuz you had no money no capital no this now you got me yes now you’ve given me a promise you’re telling me I listen to the rest of you yeah you’re going to show me how to get real estate without money so now mom thing the farm thing I’m trying to figure how to work the palm welcome I realize what’s your what’s your system do you have a you have seven steps you have eight steps you have a module by module what what process do you take them through so I want to educate the I want I want to kill them and in Step three here how to how to go find their own deals right not how did you do a deal with me no no exactly so what I’m what I’m asking is like for example is it like step one you are going to find possible you know possible opportunities step two would be oh so automatic opportunity so I’m working it out now this is the value of working with somebody you know this is a value of bringing somebody else in because forget whether he gives me all the right answers I get to start discovering yeah and then getting feedback from the coach right so I would just say look you know I tried to make I put my money at the bank I put it in the key oh I worked my ass off and I couldn’t get my money yep okay and so so I’m going to show you well I this goes back to what you’re saying is are you setting up for a webinar well if let’s let’s let’s do your content all right so let’s look we’re going to do a real estate yeah so let’s say you have a three-step process I make myself a cycle I don’t know I don’t do Alison right yeah yeah step one finding deals yeah then I got a block here that I can do a huge issue yeah step two vetting the deals yeah yeah that’s that’s right you left step three financing the deal yeah yeah step four managing managing Step five profiting good money yet five-step process building and I’ve seen here but do you see now is they gonna put me in a mental home see now when I present that when you present that to someone they can follow you yeah yeah they’re like okay I get it so just five clumps yeah you’re like we teach you how to do each of these we make your master of them you talk about to do this we do this yeah and now here one’s got the whole big pick they got the picture yeah and in each of those when I present I’m going to make her have an important thing a good transition transition part so it is an example I give always given the transition is where so here’s what we’ve been doing first three steps we work in the subconscious all right we’re getting to know each other we’re we’re just relating with each other you’re trying to build that connection yeah the transition is always like I always use this example so take a very stereotypical husband-wife okay so let’s say you walk into a house your life insurance salesman you walk into the house yeah you got a husband and a wife in front of you and you got to sell on life insurance what are you gonna do you’re going to first look around you see some toys you see some kids around so you’re gonna look at the whites and say oh you have kids yeah you can start talk to the wife you’re going to talk about security you’re going to talk about future you know talking about what these children how we take care of them that’s work in the subconscious emotion at some point in that presentation you’re gonna the whites gonna want it she’s gonna want the product and that’s when the both of you will turn right to the husband who’s sitting there kind of like mad about this you know yeah you screwed yeah yeah anyway no but now you got two on one yeah yeah yeah all right yeah and you’ve got a very logical decision maker who looks at a dollar-for-dollar right right we’ve got an emotional distress right the first three steps we mastered the emotions we are in we got the sale right because they’re still watching means they want the products they just come in yet in a tradition though or stay with much what we do is we get the subconscious on our side uh-huh so the subconscious now goes to the conscious and says hey hello I want this I want whatever he’s got yeah but you’ve got to transition to the conscious so now what we do is yeah address this is the purpose of a transition you address the elephant in the room and this is where I talk about you close with logic you sell with emotion close with logit he’s moving to LA jangly so in the transition you address the elephant in the room yeah and that is hey man we just spent so much time becoming friends you were teaching me I got you asking for money now yeah yeah why yeah yeah yeah so in the transition we addressed that yeah so the transition in this would be I would educate with my pasta yeah how to find real estate yeah how to vet it yep how to manage it got a profit from it yep and then I’ll be like we’ll help you find the deal yeah and in the transition let’s go ahead the elephant the room that is what the altar in the regional intercom no the altar in the room is why don’t what you want to charge me for this grant why and it can be real simple that’s the elephant yeah it can be real simple you say okay I’m gonna charge you for this because I got a whole company to help support you for this I’m not gonna wait for freakum entire infrastructure to help you is that always the elephant can be it can be as simple as that sometimes it can be even more so when you’re doing your webinar I know this is a longer a steep road than we normally do for a reason good good okay so so but but when you’re doing your transition you’re doing a webinar yeah okay you see this as a step yep so so what do you what is the elephant in the room the elephant in the room for me the price is 11 entire infrastructure here to support you I got software to keep up I got coaches at every elephant or the price well the elephant in the room is why might why am i charging you why am I about to charge you I told you because to support you I got bills to pay yeah yeah right yeah and the other element get it man I don’t get it man you know like I’ve been digging on everything you’re saying but I don’t understand it is that that like like I know you have something to sell and I I don’t have a problem with giving people money here’s the second yeah second part of it you have this yes sorry it’s just set up the value so now in the transition as soon as I’ve really quickly said hey I got something coming the second they’re going to do is find the pain point of jabot so what I’m going to say is I showed you the hard way to do it and that’s absolutely fine you can go about doing that let me remind you when I tried to do it the hard way this is what I went through yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah how many of you want the easy way how many we want the easier way to do this I want to share it with you and you get a bunch of people saying I’m in yes yeah uh-huh now what I just did is I’m not pitching you I got your permission you said you want me to stress over consciously you are in so as I move into the pitch it’s a smooth transition I didn’t just go from providing value to abruptly yeah and this where people get really uncomfortable yes in a frenzy oh man you nailed it so that and then they back off from it or they just kind of sad swipe it internet Z energy goes away yeah Drossel right people love to teach and their energy is up and and on transition I’ve seen people do this is what people say in 25% yes exactly people are like well alright so now that we’re done with the content I just want to show you guys this great product I have you know what the so called I’ve had masters like master professional speakers tell me look I’m not going to pitch from stage okay bro will you pitch it for me but if you don’t believe in it I don’t believe it and that’s exactly what the subconscious hears right yes right when the decision is about to move to the conscious and all of a sudden subconscious goes whoa whoa what the hell just happened man I was with you now you so gone so hey so I’m doing my deal hey I’ve done my content here’s my five things hey thanks for everybody being here tonight yeah could I have permission from you to show you a way that my company could do this for you yep as opposed to you doing it for yourself yeah so it’s like that doesn’t have that work I would change it a little FBI oh okay so that’s a all right everyone so those are the five steps now listen yeah yeah doing this on your own and trying to figure it out took me here so it could be painful and it could cost you lots of money you’ve heard my story you know how it went but I got an easier way I want to make it easier for you I don’t want you to go to bed okay exactly so why would not tell them that in the opening did that step for is coming what why not tell them you know I’m going to pitch him something depends on how warm the audience is to you so I follow you right I know you you can tell me in the beginning have about to sell you some so be paying attention oh yeah it’s great look I got it yeah yeah yeah what about the doctor the chiropractor talking about why yes yes your honor there’s no connection there yeah you’re right you want to establish that connection and then go for it Yeah right so I also don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t want to ignore that portion of my audience this is really for those of you who already have an audience I’m just telling you yeah and I’ve had this discussion with other guys and they’re like don’t pitch until here we went and pitched at a webinar yeah in the opening got it okay we had 35 sales at $2,000 a crack way at the beginning in the first six minutes yep I have any guide to the store yet because I already had some of my audience some audience came to buy something so all I’m saying is I don’t want to ignore that guy no you don’t have to come in and buy that’s that’s a different audience until you’re one differently to them what I do my basic formula is basically assuming that the person come in at the front door doesn’t know who you are yeah okay and so we go about it you establish relationship and then get yourself okay so so transmission yeah and then we move right into the pitch right okay in that spot that’s five uh-huh and here’s the pitch pitch is simple pitch is a logical ish it’s going to be really short on our short man you have a short you’re short of this the introduction is super short yes story a little bit longer and a little bit longer their transitions bama ribbon band-aid yeah yeah now on the pitch very simple all right I’m giving you dollar you giving me ten back that’s all I want to know cuz I’m giving you a dollar if I give you at all or you owe me ten back yeah yeah I just want to know value yeah yeah so here’s what’s happening in a pitch it’s a already sold they want the product there’s only one question left how much what are you asking me for so we got to build monetary value so that if when you come out and step you say $2,000 they think you’re freaking kidding me that’s it’s worth 40,000 hell yeah I’m in right right right versus wrong you say 2,000 and they say I don’t know if it’s even worth you know maybe it’s worth to 3,000 but that was not really a deal but people want a deal right everyone because i’m sailin people yeah it’s because people certainty they don’t trust themselves I don’t think it’s the thing they don’t trust you yeah by now they trust you Yeah right I want to be listening otherwise right now yeah exactly they’re listening because they’re sold they want what you got they like you they trust you now it’s a matter of can I afford it can I pay for it will I use it well I use it and all of these things it’s just you build a value make them understand how valuable your program is and all the pieces up don’t even give them the pitch man we’re going to we’re going to end this and I’m going to have him give me the pitch and if you want him to give you the pitch you need to call him to give you the pitch this would be the time to just drop that hooks just sink it down in your belly or do you want to go and give them the pitch no man listen I want to help people so that they’re well you know come to sell bootcamp calm if they want we got a free course there’s no no nothing fun yeah bring me to the whole deal yeah it screw the funny man let’s do the deal just do the bitches you know it’s recourse yeah and after that good it’s it’s just a free course we want to go relationship with you I want to keep it right people are going to buy from you anyway and just this is my passion I love doing this stuff because the ability to sell through the written word to get my life in ways I can’t explain uh I’m going in his story yeah me a little girl right tell me tell me tell me about it man he was broken I’ve already seen that the back streets of India his last love for bread and he was legally to my mama when the kidnappers had a I had a I had that thing you care I was carrying out yeah yeah I’m a food behind yeah yeah yeah you were running one of those carts okay okay on ik okay so the website is sell bootcamp calm l bootcamp calm okay the dude’s name is on ik eight and I K when you see it right there right in the light blue and put them in the light blue that is really shine okay the companies learn eat did this guy’s all over the place Businessweek Inc 500 doing 120 million dollars in online sales I’m about to hiring right now we’re going to pull into a billion dollars numbered have forty million dollars any well okay this is amazing okay I was with a big bank the other day and I said dude I’m going to raise 40 million bucks he’s not what do you what are you gonna buy with it I’m about 160 million dollars for the real estate and there’s just a warm up okay and then I’m gonna come out and crush it believe it I’m gonna do I’ll do a billion dollars in the next three or four years ice online alright love it I’m a disrupt financial the financial markets do it then I’m a disrupt Wall Street I’m gonna disrupt the freakin Kiyo’s and the IRAs so how important is it on ik for people to have a passion about what they’re doing like because like when I start talking about that I want to disrupt the system I’m not talking about money now I’m talking disrupt in a system how important is it for the dentist the chiropractor the other person it’s important to the copy it’s important that lolly is important to the whole process yeah look you could I’m not going to lie and tell you you without the passion you can miss you can sell to three times as much if you got that little bit of extra yerin what you’re not talking about just the money or the sales from it but like really changing people’s lives I’m getting a message out so that someone can really learn from from from what you got yeah and actually put that in action I teach this because I thought the story’s not a scam so that oh no no no no yeah and I always say look I always say the powers I give you could be used for evil don’t go yeah I assume you’re going to use them for good yeah because you’re strong like they can you can you literally are able to influence people like this okay so this letter right here dude we wearing so you this letter you would basically grade it what a B C D or F so this is an email right so it’s a little different cuz not a letter it’s a really great man I can I give you a b-minus c-plus if terrible dude I wouldn’t even give it a seat by the way by the way if you’re getting C’s on your letters you’ll get to college but you ain’t gonna make me any money in business so a c-plus is his way of saying that letter won’t make any money just keep it real you know what I’m so real with you guys because I’m real with myself I just don’t lie to myself that is a garbage piece of letter the good news is the planet is forgiving because there’s eight billion people on it right yeah I can fix the letter oh man right oh yeah I just got to keep paying attention dude you’re awesome brother pleasure man take you from a democracy your joint alright when I be done with it I can’t wait we will go live next next next year Jan or Feb yeah okay it gives me kind of booked my flight okay come up with your follow this dude okay well of course sell bootcamp calm sell bootcamp calm sign up first when is it it’s evergreen evergreen baby as all the time yeah that means he’ll bring it to you when you’re ready to see it and it’s going to look like it’s okay hey thanks for watching today if you know someone okay that is a pro an expert a real deal dude or do this game I guess if you know somebody that’s real man’s got some real content that can actually share some expert advice that has answers that knows I want to put them in that chair Senator Robert Cecil Oh grant cardone comms Robert Cecil Oh grant cardone comm it already grant card on really okay well thanks for watching day hope you enjoyed it if you got questions per onic post it in comments if you listen on stitcher or iTunes or dude if you saw balloon flying over your city I said I saw grant and onic the dark dude okay dark dude that’s my new uh I like that you’re to be directed on Twitter man okay if you liked it man post your comments if you didn’t like it please post your comments don’t be a coward anti hater and and then subscribe to the channel this is you

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Posted by Ian

Ian has marketed for some of the world's best-known brands like Hewlett-Packard, Ryder, Force Factor, and CIT Bank. His content has been downloaded 50,000+ times and viewed by over 90% of the Fortune 500. His marketing has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Adweek, Business Insider, Seeking Alpha, Tech Crunch, Y Combinator, and Lifehacker. With over 10 startups under his belt, Ian's been described as a serial entrepreneur— a badge he wears with pride. Ian's a published author and musician and when he's not obsessively testing the next marketing idea, he can be found hanging out with family and friends north of Boston.

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