3 Copywriting Rules You Must Follow Right Now!

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3 Copywriting Rules You Must Follow Right Now!

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The copywriters you are making things too difficult what part of modeling says completely rip it apart and innovate your own nonsense there is so much arrogance and ego involved in the process of trying to write copy you’re screwing yourself up and over and you’re making me mad this is the fighting entrepreneur the podcast dedicated to entrepreneurs looking to change the world learn how to start build and scale a business in today’s highly competitive business environments here’s your host the fighting entrepreneur annika pingel [Music] what’s up you crazy fighting entrepreneurs this is your favorite person in the whole wide world annexing all back with another episode today I’m gonna rant are you ready I’m angry I’m frustrated I’m hurt I’m saddened I’m borderline belligerent hey Toria Tolley I have calmed down a little bit I probably should have done this episode when I was really at the peak of my anger and he would have probably found it very comical but I wanted to calm down but before I go off and do that don’t make me more angry are you a member of learn nation or not if you are not I’m going to get angry I’m gonna go Hulk on you Lu are n.com what is it gonna take we’re gonna put 10 million entrepreneurs into this place together man you want to change the world you want to make a big difference we’re gonna have to do it together as entrepreneurs you want to wait for the government to do it ain’t gonna happen all right so you can either be a part of our movement or you can stand by and watch this move right by you come on Lu RN calm it’s absolutely free to join go join right now all right now why am I so angry copy writers copy writing why do you trouble me so much why do you hate me why do you hurt me listen I think first of all if you know me at all you know I take copywriting very personally it is something I love and I don’t think I ever realized how much I love it until I have been teaching it the last few years because you know you see those you see those scenes I think in movies or whatever we’re like a kids trying to learn a piano and like the piano teacher is getting really angry and it’s like stop it why aren’t you playing it right and you sit there like calm down angry woman like what’s wrong with you well I kind of get it cuz that person so passionate about the piano like it’s an art must be respected and honored and and you you know do what you should do with your fingers do it correctly play the damn piano right so my challenge with copywriting is this i I understand that when you’re trying to learn how to do copywriting I understand completely that hooks and angles I understand flow narrative like these things are tough and it takes time to learn them and I absolutely get it and I’ve been doing this for 16 plus 17 years I don’t know how many thousands of hours of copy of written and I can’t compare myself with others who are just starting I get all of that let’s get past that that’s not what makes me angry here is what flippin makes me angry if I give you a piece of copy and I say listen this converted this is your model this is brilliant this did it I need you to take this and emulate it for this meaning this was written about the topic blah I want something very similar written about the topic blah model it what part of modeling says completely rip it apart and innovate your own nonsense and this is innately why I feel like a copywriters you are making things too difficult there is so much arrogance and ego involved in the process of trying to write copy you’re screwing yourself up and over and you’re making me mad so I’m not there’s no ego in my copy okay I care about what converts I care I love models I don’t want to innovate if there’s a model that works I’m the first person to jump in and model after it you know what when I was learning to play tennis do you know what I did for hours and hours I would watch Pete Sampras play when I was a kid and I would in slow motion I figured out how to do slow motion video play back back then so I could watch how he set up his surf I the best compliment you could have given me back then is man you serve just like Pete Sampras you copied him I’d be like thank you very much I’ll take that any day long and and twice on a Sunday so here’s the kinds of things in copywriting that just make me mad because this shows me that someone’s not paying attention this has nothing to do with experience this has nothing to do with modeling this has nothing to do with hooks and angles and all of that if I give you you know a copy that you can clearly see how I wrote my bullet points okay and I tell you hey listen don’t do run-on sentences put it on your checklist like I call it auditory rhythm I am telling you there are two concepts in Mike operating world that if you violate you are it’s like the the sin of copywriting for me visual flow and auditory rhythm I have proven it again and again you can take bad copy and apply visual flow and auditory rhythm and it becomes better way better way way better what’s visual flow visual flow is please don’t give me a clunk of text that’s this big to read my eyes say no I won’t read it and I get this I get this from people and they’ll tell me well it’s just review it’s just you know I haven’t done well can you add some hard spaces so even if I’m reviewing it for you my eyes actually care to read it like how long does that take see that for me the reason I get angry is you’re disrespecting the trade you’re disrespecting what cop is supposed to do if I’m trying to talk to you and you keep that keep jabbing you in your ribs while I’m talking to you are you gonna pay attention to me no but I’ll be like just ignore me jabbing you and just pay attention it’s just the core concept just understand it you’re gonna be like could you stop hurt stop jabbing me now maybe I could listen to you this it’s the same thing when when you are trying to put copy out there to a client or to someone and you just pray right and then you’re like well just ignore that I’ll do that later it’s especially when you know that that’s not that’s not right you shouldn’t do that okay so that come on is that an experience thing no if you’ve been through the training you’ve been through that you should know not to do that okay number two all right run-on sentences I cannot tell you how many copywriters oh my god I understand punctuation is not important in copywriting I’m the first person to say it I spliced the crap out of a mic copy but for the love of God you’re gonna write a tense ten line sentence which just keeps going comma comma – and nonsense do you know what okay do you sit back and look at your own copy and say do I even want to read that cuz I bet you 90% of time you don’t want to read that so I can’t even read it my head is screaming so these are okay so number two like why that’s violating auditory rhythm so visual flow is you know please use your whitespace bold italicize underline make my eyes want to read something auditory rhythm is okay here let me talk to you I mean I’m gonna do an episode for you right now this is how people deliver a copy to me ready I don’t like copy that doesn’t have any pauses or anything in it it’s just blink long copy you’re violating auditory rhythm you’re violating visual flow and if you could just improve that you would do a lot better and your copy would be ten times better and then you would make more money and your clients would be more happy well what point did you lose me at what point were you like gosh shut up I don’t even listen to you anymore this is how I read 95% of the copy I review for people I’m like I can’t deal with it I don’t want to give you this level of feedback I love to give hook and narrative feedback that that’s where we should be so listen copywriters people who are saying they want to learn copy you need to learn the idea of modeling models stick to what works so when you model someone if they have a headline if they give you a page that says this page really worked in your model for them this is how hardcore I go if the headline has 15 words my headline will have 14 to 18 words he’s gonna look similar okay if the sub-headline had 20 words my head sub-headline is gonna have 17 to 22 words okay if they did 7 you know if they did 17 sub headlines I’m just gonna write 17 sub headlines that’s where I start it’s easier it’s less brain power if they have a sub headline on a sample page that they like that says here are the results of our clients I want to write a sub headline around the same place that says students success stories that range up to a million dollars with the point I’m trying to make is I won’t copy a word-for-word that’s disrespectful to the art very disrespectful to the art even that’s called copywriting don’t copy but I get it they wrote a sub headline that’s about student s moment and write one that’s about student testimonials they have a chunk about student s1 with your tongue capacity in testimonials okay they have a chunk here our five-step process our five step framework I’m gonna our three step process to converting like they have a diagram here put that down here you know do you know that if you do that right if you model the way I teach if you model the way that you should do 99% of the time if you showed your copy to the original writer of the copy you modeled they wouldn’t even figure it out they wouldn’t even know that you modeled after them but you’d be able to know going in that eighty percent of the risk of your copy has been removed so please I beg of you for those of you who are trying to learn to write copy and your new stop innovating stop trying to be creative follow some core foundational rules please model and model to the point of don’t copy model and don’t you dare write a sentence that’s ten sentences and don’t you dare do run-on sentences and don’t give me a clump of crap to review I’m just I’m not gonna do it anymore copywriters I love you to death I love review and copy I’m done you’d send that stuff back to me you’re gonna be like banned from getting any copy reviewed from Onyx and golf that is it I have said it on the Fighting entrepreneur I am angry I never rant on this but I’m ranting at you entrepreneurs right now right better copy this literally on the way into work today I was so heated up about this that I said this to myself this is word-for-word what I said I said do you know what on ik maybe the number one thing you can do to save the world your contribution to helping save the world is put an end to back coffee there’s just so much bad copy out there and it truly is done number one skill if you could just put a little bit more love and time into the trade into the art and respect it just 10% more you will make a ton more a ton more and the world will be a happier place at least I will be a happier person all right let’s come on fighting entrepreneurs go out there and up your copy every copy skills do not send me clumps of text run-on sentences and if I say model after something you innovate beyond that I’m gonna be I’m not gonna work with you anymore all right there we go now if you want some more fat good what a welcoming way to introduce you to welcome you to learn calm go to onic podcast calm a ni k podcast calm for more show notes you guys know I love you you know I’m always joshing around I do love copywriting it is a passionate topic for me and I do take it personally it is an art and it is one that should be respected honored and practiced because it is the number one skill for an entrepreneur so there you have it entrepreneurs go make it happen right now go to learn nation lu RN concord on a podcast calm and remember as I always say when life pushes you or when tonic pushes you stand straight smile and push it the heck back all right if you’re watching on YouTube hit subscribe hit the bell icon hit the comment icon leave me a comment hit the thumbs up icon and if you’re watching or listening to us on your favorite podcast source please make sure you go subscribe and leave us awesome a review be back soon with another episode till then entrepreneurs go out there and fight for your dreams talk to you soon thanks for listening to the fighting entrepreneur with your host onyx Engel

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