5 Step Formula in Copywriting (It’s All Psychology)

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5 Step Formula in Copywriting (It’s All Psychology)

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First thing that we’re gonna Masters we’re gonna understand the purpose of each step when you understand the purpose you will innately know how to deploy that step the words will themselves flow alright so step number one will be introduction step number two is story step number three is content step number four is transition and step number five is hitch so moving right along sorry about the PowerPoint issue there at the top moving right along the purpose of the introduction right is to engage there’s one question that every consumer wants answered right from the beginning can anyone tell me what that question is yes what’s in it for me what do you got so hi my name is onyx Engel I’m so glad that you’ve come to this page today I am a five-time Emmy award-winning Grammy winning Nobel Prize winning awesome kick butt guy and I want to talk to you today man you have checked out so long ago you saw that shiny object spinning over there you’ve gone versus are you looking to lose 20 pounds I just lost 100 I’m gonna share with you exactly how I did it now you’re like what’s in it for me so the purpose is engage hey read me watch me the purpose of the introduction is to convince someone to a to absorb the sales material so what’s in it for me does not mean what’s in it for me if I buy the product uh-huh what’s in it for me if I watch this presentation so earlier when I started this wasn’t say webinars I’m still you student webinars when I started this workshop does anyone remember what my first slide was you guys are so blown away it’s like so awesome and you don’t remember it said in this workshop you learn boom-boom-boom-boom-boom one of the things I want you guys to pay attention to this is really fun this is the funnest part of me presenting copywriting is as I go through these steps I want you to focus and think about how I’ve done these very steps on you while we’re in this room and you’ll have one of those like holy crap moments so right from the beginning I shared with you now you’re physically in this room I could have taken a lot longer to get to the point you’d still sit here because you’re physically here but imagine being online imagine watching a video just back button right so the introduction purpose convinced them to stay the length of the introduction is directly relevant to the price and the length of your presentation so in a webinar my introduction will be about three four minutes never in a video sales letter my video sales letter is probably 15 20 minutes it’s my introduction might be 30 seconds to a minute but my webinar is an hour and a half to two hours so it’s a direct correlation how much time am I asking you for the more time I’m asking you for the longer my introduction the more value I build up front the more I need to convince you of what’s in it for you to stay for that entire time so the other thing I love to do in an introduction is to create open lose so in my introduction I said I will share with you the five steps I will share with you huh direct marketing is dead I said a couple of bold things here on the wall and I said and I kept saying don’t worry I’ll share with you later I will I will tell you why I said that at the end I even set up set up the offer today there will be a there will be a discount and a way for it right I also removed all concern or all panic about it by saying don’t worry you don’t want to buy a donut to buy it’s all good but I set up open loops got you thinking wondering the more open loops I can set up the earlier the longer you’ll stay with me the psychology behind that is this we are as humans we need closure right what’s the number one thing you hear after a bad breakup it’s just need closure we need closure for everything so if I can open loops and make you wait for closure you’re gonna stay that’s a completely subconscious thing happening you won’t even realize it so that’s that’s introduction okay now moving on to step number two which is story everyone that I see that starts and copyrighting does story wrong so for those of you who have not been through cooperating Academy what do you think the purpose of story is what’s that emotion to create a motion okay anyone else align values okay all right there you go exact words most people use story to build credibility I am have received these awards have said degree so-and-so says I’m awesome me me me I don’t really care people don’t really care they’ll be impressed but they’re not going to give you money just because they’re impressed with you so the purpose of story is to connect it’s to create a scene and to create a situation in which you can tell the person that look if I can do it you can do it so relationship connection and that innately leads to trust so a story is actually not to build yourself up in many ways ironically a story is to build yourself down right so Batman versus Robin a lot of people come at story and they say I’m Batman look at me I can do anything I saved the world so if I came to you and I said you know you should what are you doing why are you sitting here you should be out saving the world Batman does it what would you say I’m not Batman I’m a multi-billionaire in the perfect shape you haven’t committed my entire life to living in the darkness and saving the world sure to learn some controverting right but let’s turn that around hey tonight Batman needs a ride you just have to take him down the street he wants to save the world can you drive him yeah so she could be Robin right so don’t set yourself up as Batman unless you are what you’re selling so if you’re a consultant set yourself up as Batman but if you set yourself up as Batman and you’re selling a product in the end there is a subconscious disconnect that consumer is not actually getting what they really want which is you they’re getting a product so what do you do you set yourself up as the one that is so privileged and honored to have access to the system to be the chosen one that was chosen to discover this awesome discovery and now you may also have this awesome discovery you don’t need me I’m just the vehicle so let’s go back to my story for this very event I told you how much I suck at writing true story my first d-minus the advice I got from my own English teacher how much I fought against that individual who wanted to teach me copywriting but you know what I was so fortunate to have met Justin Ford which I was how many of you want to bet your entire future as entrepreneurs on your ability to meet Justin Ford or I already did the hard work here come I’ll take you along my screen just went off all the screens yes well it’s good even I forgot let’s give the every team a big round of applause everybody that’s so good I totally forgot to do the yes all right you know what it was is the TV screens were like don’t give away all the secrets man we’re just this is too much how are we ever gonna sell anything anymore I actually I laugh because I share this stuff and sometimes in my head I’m like man these people will not buy stuff from me ever again right but here’s the cool thing if I got the right offer even if you know my system you can’t resist it it’s all about the right offer to the right person so you’re so if you go back to my story you’ll see that I immediately created relationship connection and trust I told you you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer as a matter of fact if you are that might be a disadvantage I would rather work with the common man so in your story you want to actually build and talk about the discovery of the system the process and how you discovered this system not in how awesome you are so remember my story I walked you all the way through my relationship with writing and how that evolved to me meaning Justin and how that evolved to me being at the event and how that evolved into me finally learning copywriting so I shared with you that the journey but subconsciously I took you through years and in your mind you thought I want to do all that you know what I’m just gonna give you some money just give me that that system right there that’s what we want yes all right how many of you have had a little bit of an aha moment raise your hand if something I’ve shared his connected at some level higher come on Wow okay everybody yeah I just bullied that out of you all right all right so let’s move on to step number three content another very very misunderstood step here’s a step that completely did not exist it did not exist 20 years ago as a matter of fact if you talk to most traditional copy writers they will tell you content don’t do that you’ll ruin your pitch you will ruin your don’t do that you know don’t do that here’s a problem you are a wise consumer now so what do you think is the true purpose of content yes right here aha moment all right we have one here yeah to educate all right information selling the benefits make the sale we’re getting close Nicky to help them understand why they need to work okay we’re getting close alright ready it’s just one word credibility most people do credibility and story that’s not where it’s needed you want you want me to buy from you prove to me you know enough why should you listen to me about copywriting because I’m gonna share stuff with you right now that you’re gonna walk out and it will be valuable for you and out I don’t have to tell you hey I know my stuff you’re gonna walk out and say it guy knows his stuff so I do it in the actual content that’s how I build my value by showing you things by proving things to you by revealing things to you and that comes back to the aha moments absolutely aha moments equate directly to sales what’s an aha moment and aha moment is when I say the what of something that makes you go whoa didn’t think of it that way but I don’t give you the how so I got you thinking about the Batman versus Robin for some of you in this room that may have been an aha yeah Wow I see people doing that that they shouldn’t do that I get it and I move right along and you feel very satisfied you’ve got good value it’s only until you leave this room ways that wait a minute how and that’s when I’m right there to say please sign up for cooperating Academy thank you very much right so give the content for the AHA now there is such a thing as too few ayahs and there is also such a thing as too many ojas I like to stick in the 3 to 5 number range here’s the problem with giving 10 AHA I use this as an example how many of you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins event your hands hi hi hey not very many a few okay here is how most people come out of a Tony Robbins event ready I’m ready let’s do this let’s go I could take over the world I’ll conquer everything and you say man you look tarzo what’d you learn I don’t know I’m just ready but what do you teach you just kind of be badass man I’m ready let’s do this you know why way too many aha moments took place in there way too many now that’s great it’s good for a common event where you paid money to go but it ain’t that great for an event where I need to sell you something at the end because what’s gonna happen is if you get too many OHA’s you’re so overwhelmed with value you say let me go process all that first let me think about it and I’ll come back that’s the death of a sale anytime you know says that let me think about it I literally say alright that was nice you know good good no nice yeah no you’re not you’ve decided no it’s okay so aha moments are incredibly incredibly important now how do we how do I love to structure my content look again coming back to the short attention span linear thinking is incredibly important people think linear people need step one step two step three step four Step five step six that’s what they need otherwise they get lost if I was over here sharing the concept of copywriting with you going through the steps without labeling them out and just bouncing imagine from introduction then I was like oh yeah by the way when you’re transitioning to the clothes you do this hero when you do the content you know make sure you do this you would all you may walk away with some oh wow that was smart that sounded good but at the end you’re gonna leave confused a confused consumer never buys ever very hard to get a confused consumer to purchase anything so we do things like this some of you may have seen this diagram it’s made me tens of millions it’s when I describe email marketing or you may have seen this or you may have seen the very diagram that I’ve been using in this presentation nice and linear one two three four five and when I teach you I say we are now in step one teach teach teach we are now in step two teach teach we are now in so there’s no point at which you will be lost all right so keep your content linear but you’ve got to deliver value but you’ve also got to focus on the what not the how do not teach the how you will lose the sale now here’s the last piece many people wrongfully assume the following they wrongfully assume that the pitch is where you get the sale let me tell you something that is not where you get the sale it is in content that you get the sale let me go back to when you were on a webinar every single person in this room has been on a webinar said that big going before they go on the webinar they are fully aware of the fact that there will be a pitch so let me ask you something when I start the pitch or when someone starts the pitch why you still there why are you still watching and listening you’re already sold what’s the only question in your mind at that time how much household are you you’re already sold you wouldn’t even you know what on every webinar I have ever done in the history of me doing webinars 10 to 15% of the audience will always leave as I go in to pitch always I have tried to beat those odds ever over and up quit now it’s just math it’s science why because even if what I offer is free those people are not interested it doesn’t solve their current problem so I didn’t I didn’t get the sale there is nothing I’m gonna say in that pitch that’s gonna make someone say you know what I don’t want your product I don’t need your product I don’t even like your product but damn that pitch was good I’m buying nothing there’s nothing so this is where you get the sale this is where you convince someone to buy from you moving right along we get into the transition now this is an interesting part of the sales process so what do you think call out what do you think the purpose of a good transition is someone yes I see a Hanser okay to move someone psychology from receiving information to taking action it’s actually even simpler the end result is probably that but the answer is even simpler any one set them up for the offer we have another one in the back I’m sorry can you say that build value okay so the answer is answer the why here’s the deal if you’ve done a great job in step one two and three you’re kind of like their buddy they feel a little warm and tingly because of you you’ve given them all this value so imagine this your friend calls you your best friend in the world calls you you pick up the phone they’re like hey Joe what’s up and Joe’s like amen I’m doing great hey listen I want to sell you this pair of knives I’m gonna give you a great deal on it right now if you make this if you decide yes before we hang up the phone I’ll give you a 50% the heck is wrong with you what’s wrong with you what are you right now let’s change that scenario Joe calls you you answer the phone Joe says I don’t got time to talk I’m at a store there is a 50% off sale go here I was driving by the place is going out of business I just bought a pair of knives that are friggin awesome do you want me to buy you one too look at how the whole scenario just changed now had Joe not called you you’d have been upset why didn’t you tell me versus the first time when he just started selling you knives you got upset why you selling me so what happens is answer the why why do I need to ask you for money this doesn’t have to be a nifty answer by the way in many cases it’s just as simple as this is how I make my money how I make my living right if you’re a consultant or a contractor like hey to build your home I need to charge you for the labor and the supplies right that’s innately enough of a why right hey I’m selling you training because I have coaches I have staff I have physical location I have a hard cost this is what I do this is my full-time this is how I eat that’s enough for many people right but in some situations that’s what I love about Carmack’s right they start at the transition you walk in there like this is how much we make this is what the deal is we’re just here to help you something mm by whatever cars right for you so they remove it’s also about removing that tension of the sale so the elephant in the room right just address it it’s literally like yes you will be sold zone living relaxed okay you know the energy and the tone this is really important this is how most people go about selling so most people go about selling they love tea like we’re innately teachers right most people who go into like the content busy loving people so during that time we are we’re high energy we feel good we’re so proud of ourselves really wow we’re really helping this person out you know even when we’re doing like a demo of a physical product or whatever we’re like whoa look how cool this is awesome and then as soon as it’s time for picture oh so I yeah so if it’s okay with you I’d like to tell you more about how you can get this product and it’s a really good product and it’s uh do you know what message you’re sending to the other person you you don’t like your own damn product so if you ever watched me on a webinar anything my energy and tone goes during the during the transition in pitch I pick things up and that’s not that’s not artificial I’m genuinely excited right I’m genuinely excited I always use the example of like if you have the cure for cancer and you find out three doors down a neighbor that you are very fond of just got cancer it’s right here you you literally if I get this in their hands they won’t have cancer anymore are you just gonna go to the door and say hey I just um I have something for you it’ll help you right Huell bang bang bang and if they don’t answer the door but the window bang bang bang you’ll be calling they’re calling their phone you’ll be calling their their you know whoever’s number else you have sliding notes under the door you’ll be doing whatever you could to get that message out to them that is confidence in your product right so that all gets established during a transition now at the same time what’s happening is there is a transfer happening from subconscious to conscious this is a very very important psychological concept to understand all along this formula has been working on the subconscious we have been building a relationship getting to know one another building trust building credibility building value right and the subconscious is there it’s like this is what I’ve been looking for and so imagine this I always like imagine the conscious and the subconscious talking to each other and the conscious as you know what you crazy impulsive nutty thing I give you three things you can ask me to evaluate for you per month that’s it that’s what you get use them wisely so it is during the transition the subconscious says want to do I do do do I tell the conscious know is this enough this is worth it should I use one of my cards or not now when your tone goes down the subconscious says oh whoa what just happen that maybe I maybe I know what’s going on you got to hold this off I want to cash in this favor right now but when the tone goes up and everything still looks solid the subconscious says that’s it I’m cashing in come on conscious look at it look at this deal and that’s when we’re moving to the pitch and that’s the part where the conscious mind steps up and says all right hold on move aside I got this what’s this guy up to let’s have a look at this offer right so the transition I’ll be it’s so short plays a pivot roll now I will say this the transition makes a lot of people very uncomfortable so unless you have gotten experience and you’re comfortable selling if you’re gonna do it awkwardly don’t do it because a lot of people will fumble and stumble and say things and they’ll actually kill you can destroy a sale in the transition so if you’re gonna make it awkward or if it doesn’t feel comfortable rip the band-aid simply say ladies and gentlemen now that you’ve learned this I would like to share with you how we can work together let me tell you more about my program called hop rating Academy and just move right into it that’s that that’s your choice you get to choose which one you want to do now moving on to step number five what is the purpose of step number five I’ve already given her away once yes sir confirm the sale he’s been through my course I have a feeling check is a no yes confirm the sale not get the sale confirm the sale here’s the thing learn this and understand this the dark side of the human nature man we want a deal you know when you’re in a negotiation people I love it people say let’s go for a win-win you know such thing as a win-win okay you know what a win-win is each party thinks it won that’s what a win-win is each party thinks it got one over the other one that’s the only way a transaction takes place people innately want to take advantage the more they feel they are taking advantage of something the more likely they are to want to act and didn’t close it so you drive down the street all the time right and your local neighbor you know Joe has this this great store sells antiques and all this great stuff you want to drive by you’re like man I should stop by it that place looks neat I wonder what’s in there never do except one day going out of sale 50% off hey Joe what’s going on oh so sorry to hear as you’re shoving things in your bag right had you shown up earlier maybe Joe wouldn’t be out of business just showing up during the the 50% off sale right people yeah we did during the grand opening of this very learn center we did a five or six day push or he said our products are 50% off I didn’t know what to expect oh my god it was rampant you’re up buying up like crazy they were buying three four five programs at one time because it’s a great deal right it’s an awesome deal so the other story that I always tell is the story of me buying my house so the house that that we bought recently what’s been a year and a half now that we moved in when I first went I got I went to the model has a halt this place is amazing I love it or I want it and so I put that first little deposit checks like you know like 500 bucks or some five thousand bucks or whatever then we negotiate when you go here we negotiate we negotiate like I know the formulas are up you know I’m gonna I will get a deal I negotiate on everything you know if you’re like you want water I’m like how about water with ice you know like that’s just innate nature so I negotiate and negotiate and negotiate takes forever and finally we win they’re like all right we’ll do it for this put your deposit down I walk in or at to check put the deposit walk out the door and think what did I just do I just signed up for a very expensive endeavor what if we want to move what if I don’t like this house what if the Builder screws up the house what if I find a better house a month from now why I’m not really ready to make this commitment I started having a panic attack a little bit right and then things happened the house they kept delaying it they won’t build it things are running late they’re not building it one after the other we’re getting frustrated months now this was like the third time this was happening to us by the way it was like the third house it was happening to us on super frustrating and one day oh no you know I used to kind of wonder I’m like man I wish I could just get my money back I’m too nervous about this because if I walked from the deal at that point I’d lose my deposit just a big amount so one day I get this very casual email from the Builder we have decided not to build your home so what we’d like for you to do is sign the attached addendum and please submit it back and we’ll be happy to give you a deposit back well that’s odd why don’t you run up in my home right and this whole time I’ve been dealing with lawyers they’ve been dealing with my lawyers I thought this is ridiculous I forward to my lawyers and in my head and in my heart I’m a little bit like yeah I have an out take it if you want but the other side of me is like what’s going on here what do I not know so I told my realtor my lawyer said go find out why they don’t want to build a house so they go beat on the realtor or under on the developer finally the number breaks and tells the truth the developer basically says man we’re not making any money we’re actually losing money on this house you miss negotiated it we need to get out they call me and tell me that I said you didn’t build my damn house I want that house I want three of them I want them to be connected you gave me that house you promised me you gave me that house all of a sudden I have never had a single doubt in my mind I walk around the house so proud that that builder lost money on that house so proud probably the biggest achievement I’ve had in the last three years confirm the sale though right so I wanted a deal so your job during a pitch is to talk to the conscious mind the conscious mind is simple if I give you ten what do you give me back if I give you $100 when you give me back whatever you give me back I need to under I need to value it much more than the money that I’m giving you everyone wants an overwhelming deal so we applied this very formally this is one of my most proud achievement because this man unless Brown is arguably one of the best sage speakers to have ever lived and along with being one of the best stage speakers to have ever lived you can sell right because that’s what stage speaking is all about it’s about commanding attention it’s by selling someone to pay attention to this man can sell you sold over 65 million dollars worth of products from the stage and he literally says that the way I do it he’s like I wish I knew this years ago it’s so much easier we made him over a million dollars in 2016 alone we were working with him so ladies and gentleman that is the copywriting formula that I have used for years now notice how I did not talk about the words that I use yes I can talk about the words and yes we do inside copywriting Academy but it’s not gonna be useful to you unless you understand the psychology behind it until you understand the reason behind each of the steps does that make sense yes all right how many of you are glad you were here to hear this presentation yes awesome all right do we have any questions any burning questions we’ll have time for a few I’m actually a little bit ahead of schedule so yes and I don’t think we need the mic I’ll just repeat the question go ahead go back a slide yeah I gotcha alright there you go alright any other question question question question question yes sorry you can see him from content to pitch what the transition is can you tell the transition again please we should I don’t want to repeat the whole thing again just just I mean it’s ended we do have it on camera so you’ll be able to definitely watch the replay of it the transition is to answer the why why are you selling me something I thought we’re friends why can’t I have it for free simple why can’t you just give me that I really wanted it’s awesome I also really want to take advantage of you so just give it to me for free that’d be cool I bet you if they offered me the house for free I would be jumping all up and down I’d sign the deal in the Hartree right so it’s the answer the why why do you need to charge me money

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