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Proven Copywriting Formula That Works – The Structure of Persuasive Copy – Dan Lok

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Now, last part of the workshop, the most important part. So keep your energy high, do that for me, okay? Can you do it? – Yeah. – Yes, okay, nice. Now I wouldn’t be doing my job if I, now you learned some of these basic principles. What I want to do is I want to give you a formula that you can take home with. So when you create a sales message you can just follow this step by step. You like that? And I’m gonna also do a demonstration. What am I gonna do? – [Audience] Demonstration. – You can see a before, bad copy, after I’ll use exact formula and see the after, and then I’ll show the result. This is again some behind the scenes stuff. You like that? – Yes. – Here’s how it’s gonna work. So one of my companies, called GO BC Real Estate, we’re the number one real estate school in British Columbia. So before, here’s our website. You can see it’s a typical website, yes? Kind of corporate branding, yes. So on the average the website, most of the time we get our new students from referrals. So on our website we only get about three new students a month, that’s pretty pathetic, yes, just mm. How many think we can do better than that? Yeah, and that’s my perception, that we could do better than that. So on average this it’s bringing in, it’s nice. You could say it’s nice, but you look at the number, is that nice? – No. – No, it’s not so nice. So on average, three students a month. So here’s what the magic building blocks of sales copy that sells products like crazy. How many of you recognize that’s also a headline? – Yes. – Yeah. – Yes, the magic building blocks of sales copy that sells your products like crazy. So, and there are 10 steps, I’ll go through them pretty quickly. You have a headline, you have opening, you have credentials, you have offer, you have bullets, you have testimonials, and valid justification, risk reversal, call to action, and urgency. Those are the ten building blocks. Okay, ten building blocks. Now depends on what you sell, sometimes I might add more to the building blocks, but for now I just want to give you a kind of a formulaic approach to this. Headline, opening, credentials, offer, bullets, testimonials, valid justification, risk reversal, call to action, urgency. How many building blocks? – 10. – 10, okay, 10 of these. Headline, opening, don’t worry about writing them down, don’t worry so much, okay, ’cause later we’ll post up on the website, you can get this. But for now just know there are how many steps? – 10 – 10, okay. So let me give you just two quick headline effective writing strategies. There are probably 20, 30 different headline templates, but for now I just want to give you two. Two of my favorite, the common ones that I use. The first one it’s called, state the claim as a question. State the claim as a what? – Question. – Yeah, so it would be, who else wants to blank, who else wants to. A proven headline, or would you like to. Who else wants to, or would you like to. So you state a claim as a… – Question. – Question, as a question. Okay, state the claim as a question. So here’s our new page, which is a squeeze page, a name squeeze page, all we’re asking is, from that corporate look to this. Let me read the questions for you. Would you like to make 50,000, 100,000 or even half a million in the highly lucrative real estate market in British Columbia? And here’s the ebook where we send you free insider secrets to getting your inside real estate license. Name and email, that’s all we’re asking, okay. And then here, again, it’s a benefit, insider secrets. I’m giving them something for what? – Free. – For free. Insider secrets, also another proven headline, insider secrets to da da da da, to getting your real estate license in the fastest time possible. Is it a benefit, yes or no? – Yes. – So they can see. Question headline, there. Next one, it’s make the subject newsy. Meaning that people read news because they want to know what it’s new. So when you enter conversations in their mind and you answer the question, what’s new, it captures their attention. So people love to discover new things that are new and interesting and want to keep, you know, what’s going on in the world. So you think about it, how many of you seen some of these ads when you log in to your Facebook, new discovery. Now many seen that before? How many click on some of those ads? Yes. No (mumbles), right? But that’s why I mean, new, make it newsworthy. So you could use introducing. Announcing. Discover blank. Discover is a very very powerful word. Discover da da da da da. So here’s what we did. So you saw the name squeeze page after the opt in. This is the page that we take them to. Now you don’t see this, this is a chunk of the sales page but the sales page is long. I’m gonna break it down chunk by chunk. So why real estate. Discover, what’s the word? – Discover. – Discover the life changing career where you control your schedule and you determine the lifestyle for you and your family. Let me ask you a question. What we sell, it’s basically real estate classes helping people to get their real estate license. You get that, right. Do you see any of that in the headline? – No. – No, why not? Because why do people want to get into real estate? – Make money. – Make money, and also? – Freedom. – Freedom. So I lead with that right in the headline. And notice I did not say, look at the top right corner, I did not say want to come to our class? No, want more money and? – Freedom. – Call this number. Benefit, and there’s a video as well. Remember, they never read anything at first. They never believe anything at first, and they never do any thing at first, keep this in mind. They never read anything at first, they never believe anything at first, and never do anything at first. So you have to say, hey, stop. Pay attention to me, yes, look here. That’s the first step. And the purpose of a headline is not to sell. What is the purpose of a headline. The purpose of the headline is to get them to read the first paragraph. That’s it. A lot of marketers they make the mistake and try to sell everything in the headline, no. The purpose of the headline is to get them to what? (audience chattering) Read the what? – [Audience] First paragraph. – Read the first, so what’s the purpose of the first paragraph then? – [Audience] Read the second paragraph. – To get them to read the second paragraph, that’s it. You want to take them through this logical sequence. If you hold their attention then there are three things that they are doing, they’re gonna do next. They’re gonna skim, scroll, and scan. We’re talking about a website, they’re gonna skim, scroll, and scan. Let me ask you a question, isn’t that what you do? Something caught you’re attention, well let’s scroll down and see some of the pictures, or some of the words, bigger words, what jumps out at you, yes. So skim, scroll, and scan. And then you have, so besides your headline now you have what I call your opening, your what? – Opening. – Come on, your what? – Opening. – Opening, yes. The opening sets the criteria, it sets what? The criteria, from whom the letter is intended and what they stand to gain by reading it. What they stand to gain by reading it, it’s just the criteria, just the opening. Hey, you know what, I caught your attention. Now you are paying attention. Opening paragraph, here’s what this thing is about, here’s what this page is about, here’s what my website is about. Opening paragraph. And the best way I like to do it, sometimes it’s a question, sometimes it’s what I call vivid picture, imagine. So in this case, imagine setting your own schedule and making more money from a single deal than you’re making in a whole year working for someone else, dot dot dot. Imagine earning your current income, adding a side income working part time if you choose to. You might also be thinking, here’s the key, I’m entering the conversation that’s going on in their mind. They’re thinking should I take real estate, should I change career, how should I do it, what are the steps, is it difficult, does it take long, isn’t that what they’re thinking? Put yourself in their shoes, yes? So you might also be thinking, yes I understand that the booming BC real estate industry is a highly lucrative market, how can someone like me with no prior education in real estate, no skills and no experience earn in a year. Good question. Then I go into the money. Number three, building block number three, establish credibility, establish what? – Credibility. – Credibility. Establish credibility. So need to answer the question with this chunk, why should I listen to you? Why should I listen to what this person has to say. Why should I listen to you, the credibility. So there, you can go into a little bit about, little bit of me copy, little bit of your credentials, your expertise, the clients you have had. Little bit of me, and that’s okay, ’cause now you’ve, with the headline you’ve hooked them in, you have the opening. Now you know exactly what they, you know, okay I’m in the right place. Now, okay, who are you? Oh, okay that’s what you do, does that make sense? So by that point, yeah, why should they listen to what you have to say? So in this case we go through, why go, we tell them, why GO BC Real Estate School. We’re the most successful real estate licensing program in BC, with over 1500 plus successful students over 12 years. I would have used specific numbers, but frankly we have no idea. Otherwise I would have used 1,576 but I am not so sure. So I don’t want to just put a fake number, okay. So then we have a little video and we talk about what makes us different. Six weeks or less, guaranteed real estate licensing, number one real estate success program BC, a 98% success rate, 98% of students take our class pass the exam. And then 1500 students, and we go through it boom boom boom boom-boom. And also career employment, helping them find brokers after they take the class. Here I’m explaining to them what makes us different from every other school, does that make sense? So credentials, credentials, credibility. Number four, you want to make an offer. You want to make a what? – An offer. – Offer. How are you gonna their problems, what exactly do you do. What am I gonna gain by buying what you have. Make them an offer, how are you gonna solve their problems. How are you gonna solve their problems. And here we tell them, get the most flexible, convenient class options. We offer the most flexible and convenient class options to get you, you know, to help you become successful ASAP. And then we show them the different locations we have. But here’s the line, “If you cannot come to live classes, “or you have a very busy schedule, “enroll in our online class option.” That’s okay too, it takes away the objection. Oh I don’t want to go to Surrey, I don’t want to go to Vancouver, I don’t want to go to Langley, that’s okay do it online. Does that make sense? Yeah, do it online. The best copy, you will anticipate the objection that your prospects might have and you handle them ahead of time. You already answer the question. If they’re reading your stuff it should be, how do you know? How do you know that’s what I’m thinking. And you answer them, dum, da da da da. It makes them feel comfortable, makes them feel what? – Comfortable. – Yes. Number five, bullets. Now I’m not talking about like bullet in a gun, okay. Bullets, a bullet is a brief statement that identifies a single benefit of a buyer your product or service. Just, you know, how you have the word, you have the bullet point, that one statement, that’s what I’m talking about. In a word. So a brief statement. So here’s an example. We do through here’s what you get. And here are the courses we get. Enjoy, so here’s what you start with, our all-access school BC success classes. Easy to use, simplified chapter summaries that gives you exactly what you need for exam and reduces your study time by months and reduces your stress. See, feature, easy to use, simplified chapter summaries. Gives you exactly what you need and reduces your study time by months, reduces your stress, that’s a benefit. You got it? Okay, another one, the math bible that has the answer to every math question on the exam. Yours to keep and help you make money with when you’re making deals after your exam. Huh, okay, that’s cool. Okay, the done for you answer key for your 20 mandatory assignments required before taking your exam. You’re guided step by step of the way, and you’re given the correct answers. And then we go through the GO BC mock exams. Comes with real life questions updated on a monthly basis with the most recent exams, da da da. Personal planning, and then we go through bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, what they get. Cool? Number six, testimonials. Third party verification that your solution does what it claims to do. Again, I’m a consumer, I’m skeptical. How do I know you’re telling the truth. As far as I’m concerned I just stumbled upon online I see your website, how do I know you’re gonna not take my money and run. I don’t know. I’m not comfortable giving you my credit card information. So some testimonials, what other people have experienced. What other people can say about your product and services. Write this down, what other people can say about your product and services is infinitely more powerful than what you can say about what you do. Infinitely more powerful. So, and then we have some testimonials. We have actually way more than six, but here you have here’s what others like you are succeeding with GO BC Real Estate, and then we show video testimony, video testimonials. So ideally you want to get video testimonials. If you cannot get video testimonials what kind of testimonials you should get. Hmm? – Written. – Written testimonials, yes? But if it’s just written, it’s just text, how can you enhance that? – With a picture. – Yes, a picture. A picture, and more specific the better. If it says like, you know, your stuff, I really enjoy, da da da da, you know, John dot C. If it’s the full name, if it’s the city they are from, if it’s their occupation. The more specific, the more detailed, the more credible. You getting it? – Yeah. – Yeah. So testimonials, very powerful. Number seven, key value justification. People always have this scale in their mind, they’re weighing. If I spend this money is it worth it? Apples to oranges, hmm. If I continue to have my problem, (sighs) I don’t want this problem. If I can spend the money, my problem goes away for quickly, hmm, is it worth it, they always have their scale, they’re weighing. So you want to talk about how valuable your product or service or solution actually is to the user. Highlight the value to your offer and do it in a way that contrasts the price in a favorable way. Meaning this, how can you make it a no-brainer for them. How can you make it that they can easily justify the price. How can you make it that it’s a no-brainer. That oh, this is easy, this is a no-brainer, I want to do this, okay. So here’s how we did it. We show them a shocking 63% of students who register for the UBC real estate exam never show up for the exam and they don’t even try, how could this be true. And we show them this is the pile of shit you got to study on your own. 1000 pages of stuff if you want to pass the exam. This is the stuff you got to study. And we purposely show different pictures. And you see how small the fonts are? Okay, and all passive writing. Okay, passive is so boring to read. We show them this, here’s what UBC gives you. And then we go through, you know, UBC gives you 1000 page text book and 20 mandatory assignments to complete, da da da da da, we go through just how much stuff. Like ooh, now I want to make money in real estate, but oh my God, I got to go through 1000 pages of stuff, I don’t want to go through that, right? And then we show them, here’s what we have. You can do this, or you can do this. Hmm. And then give them, we even tell them basically you have three options here. First option, I’ll read this, “You can give up on your dreams “and all the benefits of being a self-employed “real estate professional, “and continue doing what you’re doing,” a little bit of pain, right, little bit of pain. “But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read “up to this point if you wanted that.” Psychological trigger, write this down. Association, “but let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read “up to this point if you wanted that.” It means, yeah it makes sense if I’ve read up to this point I should buy this. You getting this? Yeah. You’re here because you believe that you deserve a better career and lifestyle than the one you have now. Hmm, yeah. Second option, is that you can study on your own. Again, it’s very tough and time consuming without the shortcuts we know, and this is an option for people who are strong in studying complex legal concepts, math equations, and other theories. Who wants that shit, that’s not me, I don’t want that. Or third option is you enroll in our course. It gives you step by step guidance on exactly what to expect on your exam. Forget the UBC textbooks, this is what you need, one thin binder, one little book, one math book, that’s it. Is that brilliant, or what? Yes? – Yes. – That’s how we sell, that’s how we sell. Number eight, risk reversal, risk reversal. Can you turn on the volume a little bit loud. The longer you’re guaranteed the more orders you’ll get and the less likely that you’ll receive refund requests. So risk reversal, one of the biggest objections I hear from entrepreneurs. But Dan I’m afraid if I offer a guarantee, that people will take advantage of me and that they’ll send back my stuff, they’ll this, and they’ll rip me off. Let me answer that for you, how many of you have that concern actually? Okay, let me answer that for you. You are gonna get ripped off. People are gonna take advantage of you. Guaranteed to happen. But you’ll get so much more sales that it doesn’t matter. So if you’re making this much sales and you have no problem, no refunds, this and that, okay. But if you make that much more sales and you get this much refund does it matter? It does not matter. So knowing it’s gonna happen but you get so much more sales, so much more revenue it’s irrelevant. And if your refund rate is so high it affects your profitability what does that mean? – [Man] Your product sucks. – Yeah, your product sucks. So let’s not fix the guarantee, let’s fix the product. Let’s get real here, yes? That’s what I’m talking about. So if you believe in what you sell, you stand behind what you sell, yes offer the guarantee, absolutely. So here’s the guarantee we have, 30 day money back guarantee. So after 12 years in business our students are still averaging 98%. So basically we’re saying, take our class, take the exam, you don’t pass, we give you your money back. It’s very simple. Very, very simple. We want you to pass the exam because we’re selling results. We’re selling what? – Results. – Results. Money back guarantee in big little seal. And then number nine, call to action, call to action. Now okay, now you’ve made your case, you made a sales argument. You’ve captured by attention, you’ve establish credibility, you’ve shown me other people just like me have experienced results. I can see exactly how I’m gonna solve my problem. Hm, I also know how this thing work, I can see the benefit. Now exactly what do I do, what do you want me to do? You want to make ordering as easy, as obvious as possible. You want them to call, give them a toll free number in big print. You want them to click on a link, make sure the link is obvious, clickable as possible. Common sense, right? Common sense, call to action. So here’s what we have, we have two options. They have a 995 live classes, they could do that. Or the online class is only 695 in the comfort of your own, see we don’t even make the assumptions, oh online of course people know that they can take it from home. No, we have a little copy there, “in the comfort “of your home or office at a time that works for you.” I give them the feature, you’re gonna take it online, but I also give them, just to make sure they get it, you can do this from home. Oh, okay I can do this from, of course you can do it from home, hello, right. But I want to make it obvious. I want to make it obvious. And here’s the last step, urgency. Urgency. So now I know the price, I want to buy, why do I want to buy now? And that’s what’s missing in most offers, yes. – [Man] So it’s the countdown timer that says you have 10 seconds left to buy. – Hell, yeah. (audience laughing) Hell, yeah. Give deadline by which to take action in order to get the special deal. Because people procrastinate. Okay, how many of you have ever done this before, you’re thinking of product, you’re thinking of getting it, but then you wait for a few days, you procrastinate, and then you don’t buy. How many of you done that before? We all have. Procrastination kills sales, it kills sales. You got to give them a reason why they need to buy now. And yes Jason, we tell them that. Countdown for maximum da-da da-da, a timer, all that. And we summarize the offer and give them the value, the bonuses they’re gonna get. Now you can see at the top that you will see a video, how many of you seen that, the headline, the video, right. So let me just show you the video real quick. So it summarized everything that we have, but. Jen is, can we do that, thank you. – [Man] How do you do that though without seeming like scammy, ’cause I see a lot of online scam things that do that all the time. – Yes. – [Man] And they seem overly scammy. You hit refresh and the timer restarts. – Yes, so in this case we are not, we’re promising it’s the price that we might increase. We’re not saying, you know, you come back we don’t have any classes anymore. We’re saying you get the bonuses, ’cause we send them the textbooks and everything. We’re saying we’ll keep it at this price, that’s what the offer is. And we are gonna test, you’ll see, it depends what time you go we might test different prices at 995 right now. But let’s say a certain season we’re getting a lot of students, we might bump it to 1295. So you see that that’s why they want to act. So let me show the video. Is it loud enough? – [Announcer] Are you looking for a new career? Are you looking for the easiest way to earn thousands of dollars every month working part time? Do you enjoy working with people and making your own schedule? If you’re at a turning point in life then you’ve probably thought about joining the booming real estate industry in BC, and becoming a real estate agent. As a real estate agent you have the freedom to work whenever you want. You can also make however much money as you want to. And it is a career where you can make six figures even if you have no prior skillset, experience, or education. And yes, the money is really good. Imagine paying off your debts and living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. What would an extra 100,000 to $500,000 mean for you? What could your money and freedom do for your friends and family? For many, studying for the real estate exam is the biggest challenge. You have a 1000 page book of complex real estate legal terms and math questions to memorize. This is a problem because it takes too much time and energy to study on your own. You may realize the faster you’re licensed the faster you can have a new life and make more money. That’s why you’ll love GO BC Real Estate. For over 12 years, more than 1500 real estate agents have passed their exams through GO BC. GO BC gives you instant success by putting you on a fast track to get you licensed in just six to 10 weeks. With a 98% pass rate, GO BC Real Estate is the number one real estate licensing school in BC. In this program you get the most current industry knowledge and exactly what you need to pass your exam. The best part is when you follow our proven system you are guaranteed to be licensed the first time taking the exam, or your money back. If you have a family to take care of, if you have limited English skills, or if you’re working full time, then you’ll love how fun and how easy we make your exam. To benefit we more, we offer unlimited classes all over greater Vancouver, and also the best online training. Our goal is to get you a new life in real estate as soon as possible. Enroll today and get licensed fast. (audience applauding) – Okay. So the video, how many of you think that’s a pretty cool video. – Yes. – Okay. It’s called whiteboard video. Myra, put up your hand, stand up, stand up, stand up Myra. So it’s Myra and her company made that for me. – Yeah. – Yeah, pretty cool? Come on, a round of applause. (audience applauding) That’s pretty cool, yes, yes. And now, how did they make it, I have no clue. Like they illustrated, it’s crazy but it’s cool. So this is for people who don’t want to read. This is a, you know what, you watch a two minute video, you get exactly. How many of you can see exactly what we do in two minute video. And here’s the thing. The video script, isn’t that also copy writing? – [Man] Yes. – It’s all copy writing. I could have same video, same cool graphics, but if my copy’s not compelling, not gonna work, not gonna work. And if you actually watch that, you can watch that. I mean, I can give you a link and watch that. Don’t watch it too many times ’cause you’ll fuck up my tracking, right. ‘Cause otherwise I’m getting all these people watching and I don’t know what’s going on. I thought my conversion went down. But you would see it follows a logical, headline, benefit, what’s in it for them, it follows the exact same sequence, okay. So here are the results. Went from three students a month to 45 new students in October alone. – [Woman] Wow. – That’s a 1500% increase, and October is not supposed to be a great month. And that’s the power of copy writing. And that’s the power of your written words. That’s the power of knowing that you know what, when you have mastered this skill and when you hire someone who has this skill, that’s the difference. And I don’t want to take credit for that page. You might think I, no I didn’t write that, Steven wrote that page, so give him a round of applause. I didn’t, it’s not me. (audience applauding) It’s his copy. I coached him on it, but he wrote that page. So, knowing this is a skill that you now in your tool belt, that now you, go out there, you already know way more than most business owners. Way more than business owners, the power of the written words, okay. Thank you very much and I’ll see you next month. (audience applauding) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – [Announcer] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.

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