How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple Part C

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How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple Part C

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This is the third and final part of writing effective sales copy and I figured to close this out I wanted to show you an example of a good sales letter so you can get an idea as to what the structure of it is going to look like now keep in mind since this is part of the no cost income stream I’m not expecting you to have these fancy graphics to have these fancy looking headlines and those types of things we’re looking for just a bare bone very simple sales letter that’s going to do the trick and in fact this one here might be a little bit quite a bit longer than what you even need to get your product out there initially so you definitely don’t need to be near as long as this but I wanted to demonstrate to you some core elements of this sales copy so you can see it and translate it into your own copy and so again don’t worry if you don’t have the graphics because you’re not gonna need graphics necessarily you don’t need to spend money on that that’s why this is the no cost income stream you also could deal with like a red headline to really stand out from the crowd and jump out or a blue headline or something that’s gonna be different from the rest of the crowd so you can kind of keep that in mind as you move forward so the first part here is you know right here in our copy here says you’re about to learn the exact blueprint for building an enormous list of hungry buyers and the exact strategies to generating massive piles of cash on demand so you notice there that leads with a very you know benefit Laden headline that’s going to help people you know building an enormous list of hungry buyers it’s also got some good sub headlines and you’ll notice as we go through the copy you really want to introduce people you know to draw people into your copy with a good little story and notice how throughout here we’ve bolded some of the certain elements I’m talking about a responsive list a highly responsive list all figured out clearly disappointed with the results so notice how these things are kind of jumping out and noticed in this first paragraph here on the left-hand side we talked about the single most important element of online marketing success is your list building and so that’s another really important factor so now we’re gonna go through here and we kind of introduced the product itself and again you don’t have to have the graphics here you could just talk about introducing and then your course name and talk a little about what they’re going to find and you can go back through here you can pause this video you can review these slides to really read through this copy if you really want to study it to understand what is included here and again this is probably a lot longer than you even need but what we’re gonna cover here is you know each one of the points here so you understand how this process works and notice the bullet points these kind of just jump out there you know kind of teach people this is what you’re gonna discover inside of this and then we also go through there’s also a video like a you know testimonial you can see how testimonials are tied in here that adds to proof they’re the the bullet points again as far as each one of the modules that’s included so each one of your chapters and again this one had 16 yours is probably only gonna have three to four and so you definitely don’t need to you know worry about having that much length on there because yours is only gonna be three or four instead of sixteen you know different modules so again we can scroll through here you’ll notice the sub headlines as we go forward so who should get this simple list building blueprint video home study course and then that gives a perfect chance to tell people you if you’re new to this business you know so who should get this training on improving their golf swing you if you’re tired of being embarrassed on the golf course you if you’re tired of not being able to you know take your business partners and associates out on the golf course and show them a good time and then notice this part here you’re we’re taking the element you’ll remember that we talked about a part of good copy is possibly taking the negative and turning it into a positive well that’s what we do right here says but this sounds like an expensive course and then we’re turning that into a positive by drawing them in because they’re going whoa I just thought of this this sounds like it’s gonna be expensive and then you start driving in the points of the price there and notice as we go forward here I’m slashing the regular price so that’s another thing about the price is being slashed you’ve removed all the risks so there’s the guarantee now that’s been included a fast action bonus for those people that take quick-quick action for those people that take the action you want and then you’ll notice here as we go along here yes and then it’s got your name I want to secure my copy so you’re making them take responsibility and take ownership of that and so I really want to encourage you to you know go through this and and another key part of copy that you really don’t want to miss as a summary that’s really important because after people read through the copy they might be overwhelmed so you can easily summarize and they might be sitting on the fence too you can summarize and say hey look you’re gonna get this this this and for the fast action you know people you’re gonna get this product grab the four ways to make a thousand dollars online right now and so you can go through there the another element of good copy is to tie it out with the PS and you’ll see here how we’ve done this so like we finished the entire copy and we’re still selling at the end with the PS we’re saying hey by the way you know did you realize this now you can finally stop worrying and start profiting and so notice like we use that bold to really jump out and stand out so you can review this copy here give yourself more of an idea help you be a little more comfortable as you write your own sales copy again we’re not looking for the best copy in the world we just need something that portrays your product that draws people in and gets them excited about purchasing your product because remember we’re gonna be posting your product online and we want people to be excited about investing in it so the next part here that we’ve reviewed our copy we reviewed the elements of good sales page copy we’ve reviewed sales page tips and things to include now it’s start it’s time to start taking action and start writing your sales copy so as you can see here we’ve got a picture here of a notepad file so you can begin writing your sales copy in a notepad or text edit file which text edits for mac notepad typically comes pre-installed on all windows computers and that’s actually what I use to write my sales copy it’s actually what I recommend you start writing in only because when it comes time to copying and pasting your copy into the forum you might be using when it comes time to copy this this actual sales copy directly into your jvzoo account for example since that’s gonna be the platform we’re gonna use for the free sales copy that you’re gonna have set up it’s gonna be a whole lot easier if you just have to copy it in there and then you just have to use their tool their editor to kind of give it the look and feel that you want it to have so these free programs will allow for easy copy pasting formatting into your free website and that’s why I recommend that and so you could even label these elements if you wanted to you could say you know this is my headline this is my sub headline and you can get the idea and then you can go back and format this and we’ll demonstrate how to format this in a future video here in just a moment but first we wanted to get you started writing your copy and it does not have to be super long you don’t have to worry about having this huge sales copy it needs to just flow it needs to make sense and it needs to be short enough to be interesting and you know long enough to get the job done as far as selling them so keep that in mind as you go through it and again when you do it in this TextEdit or notepad file it’s gonna eliminate formatting hassles in the long run and you’re gonna be very happy that you did it this way because when it comes time to copy and paste it into you know wherever you’re going to be working on it with it’s gonna make it a whole lot easier for you in the long run and now it’s time to again get out there and start begin writing your sales copy

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