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As the most successful store in America per square foot Apple has mastered delivering value to their customers Apple chooses to conduct its business in a very unique way using distinct layouts and recognizable floor patterns Apple stories have a very welcoming environment Apple employees are trained not to sell products but to inform the customers and a system of everything they need the products will sell themselves they collaborate with the customers to find a solution to everyone’s individual problem within the stores the products are separated by products families apple cups deals with other retailers like Best Buy to showcase their product in its own group for example Best Buy tablet section might be advertised as iPads and PC tablets this diversification is why Apple has itself so far ahead of the game next Apple relies on its retailers heavily to maintain a steady growing source of revenue with only around 250 official Apple stores in the US is logistically impossible to meet the demands of all Apple customers from just these few stores they rely on companies such as AT&T Verizon and Sprint who have over 5,000 locations nevis to sell iPhones at a counter price the secondary market for iPhones is remarkably constant as Apple offers no volume discounts on their iPhones when selling to other companies they maintain super tight channel control over their products using this philosophy basically by having unmatched channel control in the electronics industry Apple maintains a steady revenue and gain leverage when negotiating with players in the distribution channel

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