Copywriting Expert’s #1 Tip (Behind Million $ Launches)

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Copywriting Expert’s #1 Tip (Behind Million $ Launches)

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Welcome back in this video and lesson we’re gonna talk about this idea of developing your target persona aka when other people call your avatar now I can’t tell you enough how important this step is and it’s one that feels like a lot of grunt work for people sometimes and you may already be familiar with this you may already know yeah I know my avatars name is John he’s 32 so on and so forth but you don’t really take it seriously if you skip this step or you move forward without really doing this you will not get the same results and you will not be able to truly reach your customer which means less sales less revenue maybe not even being able to stay in business and so it really is that important and honestly I mean even for me personally in my experience as a copywriter having worked with some of the biggest names biggest companies the number one piece of feedback that I would personally get was over and over again Armand we have never worked with someone who actually cares as deeply as you do about our target customer well what does that mean when someone says that what it tells me is that the 80% of the time that I was spending on research and diving into the psychology of that customer actually paid off it wasn’t so much the mechanics like I said before there’s gonna be tools there’s gonna be science behind this but what really matters in the end is the psychology of copywriting that’s what to me only what this is it’s psychology and so if you deeply care and you deeply understand this target persona of yours you will be able to reach them in a way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before that’s what I was able to do for all these other clients that’s what I’ve been able to do with my company project Devo that’s what you’ll be able to do for your company if you actually master this persona so I’m really driving this in I know but it’s because it’s super important so the first step of all of this is going to be to really draw a metaphorical line between your product or service and the target persona the target customer the avatar now most of you will deeply know this side of the spectrum your product your service you know all about it you can talk about it endlessly you can tell me the features the benefits hopefully if not we’ll get to that too but you know your product that’s the thing you’re in love with but a question I have for you is are you as in love with your customer your future customer that target person as you are with your product or service most the time the answer is no right because we’re in love with our idea and we want to put it out into the world and we’re so excited about it but we don’t know how to communicate through this metaphorical line how to get from cold prospect who’s never engaged with my product or service to someone who’s deeply immersed engaged married to my product or service right and what that takes is going on the journey with the customer right so what does step one look like on the customer journey for that person what does step two and step three look like as they begin to get a little bit more familiar with your product or service only then can you actually learn how to communicate properly along the journey because you know what they’re going through you know what your product does for them and if you understand where they’re beginning and where they’re ending and where your product or service will take them what I call the transformation which we’re gonna get to later you will be able to speak in a way and write in a way that deeply resonates with them authentically right and that’s what we all want we want to be able to do it authentically so ultimately the starting place for all of this is first understanding that metaphorical line of product or service and your target customer and how to bring those two things together right that’s step one step two is to really dive into this target persona and this is a bit of work that you’re gonna have to do that is actually really really fun I’ve made it really fun for myself and I’m gonna you know give you some resources that are gonna make it fun for you but I want you to give your your avatar your target persona a funny name a name that makes you laugh a name that makes you feel good every time you think of it this person you know with with project Devo we call little Johnny we always talk about little Johnny and how we want to help little Johnny and how our product or service helps a little Johnny and it’s going to change the world when all the little Johnny’s in the world are using Evo I want you to come up with a name for this person that uses your product or service and begin to lay out all their different characteristics attached you’re gonna find a worksheet that goes into all these different things about them your job is to simply fill those things in and you’ll see all the details in this worksheet but to give you an example you’re gonna talk about things like their pain points you’re gonna talk about what keeps them up at night you’re gonna write down their age demographics about them how much money they have how much money they spend what kind of books do they read what kind of magazines do they like what kind of TV shows do they watch why do those things matter because the more you can go into the mind of your little Johnny or Jill or whatever it is you’re going to be able to speak in a way that comes out naturally are you starting to see where I’m going with this it’s not so much about the mechanics again of copywriting but the framework is what you work within but the creativity which you all have every single person has access to this creativity that will come out which we call the art of copywriting it only comes out when you deeply fall in love and care about your customer so if you have a mental block around like yeah Armond that’s nice and all I just want the templates and the frameworks because then I can fill in the blanks I get it but if you just do this lesson and this part of really falling in love with your customer and understanding everything without them all this stuff is gonna come out naturally you won’t even have to think about it I promise you so to make this actionable I want you to download the worksheet below this video and start filling in this audience profile checklist now I already mentioned some of the things that you’re going to be answering there’s more specific questions in the actual worksheet and to actually answer these questions accurately in the last lesson I mentioned talking to a human now you could go back to that same human being and do a little interview with them maybe don’t even be formal about it just talk to them about their habits and just be like I have some questions for you they probably already know that you’re an entrepreneur or you have this idea that you want to create a business around and so they’re gonna be really open about it if you don’t know somebody find somebody ideally you know really talk to somebody I mean I’ve gotten as crazy as like going into store and just randomly talking to strangers which I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and it’s pretty cool people get excited they’re like oh cool and entrepreneur is coming up with something so be creative about this have fun with it ideally talk to a human being worst case scenario do really deep research hit the googles hit Facebook understand what’s going on with this person understand their habits really do some deep digging look at blogs look at the places they read and really identify the target market – a tiny tiny detailed degree and then memorize it get to know that person I mean there are people out there that talk about which I think is really interesting that talk about everytime they’re about to write and they get into a form of copywriting they remind themselves about their avatar I love that because that’s ultimately the purpose of this and ultimately you want it to be like ingrained in you so you get to know this person so well that you’re always speaking to them and remember you’re only speaking to this one person that’s the whole purpose of this right so again download the worksheet name your persona and really get to know them because they need to be or they already should be your absolute best friend fall in love with this person and you will be able to convert more customers and sell more of your stuff you

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