$170,000,000 IN JUST 3 YEARS | Private Interview With Master Copywriter Evaldo Albuquerque

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$170,000,000 IN JUST 3 YEARS | Private Interview With Master Copywriter Evaldo Albuquerque

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When you’re studying this copy are you just reading it and you’re looking for things that stand out you’re like oh I’ve never seen that before that could work or is there a way that you kind of break copy down yes way that’s that’s a important point you know because you don’t want to just read passably you want to know what’s going on guys Jason capital here and I am hanging out with one of the top copy writers on the planet right now his name is a Volvo Albuquerque you probably have no idea who he is unless you were just here at the high status summit and you were one of the hundreds down there roaring he just wrote a book called the 16 gored sales letter and in the last three years I your copy at Agora has sold on like 170 170 million dollars in the last three years I is that a company record I believe so yeah but I can’t speak for others because I go as a pretty big company yeah it’s pretty good though all right it’s pretty good so we’re gonna talk about copy at a high levels hopefully if you guys are at home if you’re new then pay EXA close attention because this is stuff you’re gonna be using pretty soon and if you’re advanced this is gonna help you immediately so I I just want to get right into the tactics is that good okay okay so if you guys want to hear of all the story I’ll put a link below the video get his book on Amazon they should all read it it’s really really good I read on a plane a few weeks ago I remember and it’s it’s really helpful it’s really good and you can hear a story which is amazing because I you weren’t born in America your first language is not English and yet you’re one of the top copper rotors in the planet writing in English to people who speak English which is freakin crazy alright so let’s start with copy um what do you think is the most important thing you know a winning campaign I think finally an idea that’s unique I think just you gotta you gotta find that that uniqueness and you got to present a new opportunity I think that’s the most important thing is finding that idea that’s unique so like a lot of young copywriters I work with some you work with a lot I find that there it’s all their stuff is all promise based when they start and it’s just the same promises your everyone else making and there’s nothing unique when you say it has to be unique like what does that mean is that mean you look at what everyone in the markets doing and you just make sure you do something different or so I’ll give you an example I’ll give you an example when cracklings I spoke earlier today he talked about how he started copy with the tomato right let me say hey if you think tomatoes are good for you think again right the idea that vegetables some vegetables are bad for you that’s like a unique idea cuz that’s gonna grab your attention like holy I didn’t know that right so that’s a unique idea and the thing about I think what copyright is a struggle with is they it’s hard to find those ideas man it’s hard to find an York idea and I think they struggle with that and then they just take they try to take the easy route I’ll just check copying what other people are doing and but if you just do that you’re never gonna have a breakthrough because only the only way that you can have a breakthrough is by finding that idea that’s unique so how do you how do you go about finding a unique idea I think he’s first of all feeding your brain all the time like I’m always reading books listening to books and inaudible I always have things in my ear no like working out even when I’m working out sometimes I’m working out and listening to a book a podcast so always feeding your brain because you never know where those ideas will come from like that’s how you come up with ideas it’s just what James artifical ideas sex right like you making connections that other people are not making and that’s how you can come up with a new idea but the only way for you to make those connections is if you are feeding your brain a bunch of stuff right yeah and then that’s how connections will click and you come up with a unique idea so it reminds me of like what Olga V said right – coppers have a well-furnished mind it’s hard to describe it me they’re always feeding the brand these ideas so if I’m a younger copywriter or more advanced what stuff should I be feeding my brain is it all stuff related to my prospect in the market or should it be stuff in faraway markets yeah I think it’s important to from all the markets right because uh a lot of times you get ideas from all the markets they oh I can apply that to my area but only you and the only you will see that because you know your niche better than anybody else right so you when you see let’s say I mean financial right but I study health copy all the time in other copies because I always see things oh I can apply this to my financial copy and I know how to do that because I know finance better than health right so the one thing I tell all the copywriters is just read a piece of copy every day and it doesn’t have to be only from your competitors it could be from any different niches you know cuz you’re always gonna learn stuff from other markets yeah I think a mutual friend Kayla build out of ours he’s always telling me study your competitors likes like Indian doesn’t mean likely meant really like go deep and studying I um okay so before you say you yes I eighty percent of my ideas come from reading copy from reading other people’s copy a Nana’s like oh that gave me an idea and I just tweaked that idea and apply to and it becomes something totally new yeah just with a small dream accompanying feeling so weird like you have an advantage obviously because you are drowning in copying controls working at Agora who is the behemoth of controls so someone who’s not working in Agoura how can they get their hands are fine really good copying all these different niches to study at least creating a seed account and just signing up for freee letters like if you sign up for a guar and use letters we’re gonna bombard you or your inbox with person so even though if you’re not on the inside you’re not gonna know if a cop is converting but if you’ve seen that ad running over and over again that tells you all that thing is working they’re saying so create a sit account sign up for a bunch of newsletters financial health and you’re going to start getting a bunch of offers right and once you start seeing the same offer the same and then you’re gonna know that that copies working mm-hmm and when you’re studying this copy are you just reading it and you’re looking for things that stand out you’re like oh I’ve never seen that before that could work is there a way that you kind of break copy down yes way that’s that’s the important point you know because you don’t want to just read passably you want to be read actively like making notes no thinking about when he rolled these Santa’s what was the copywriter thinking here what was the purpose because if the copy is working I mean the copywriters are doing everything is strategic like every single piece of word that there’s a reason for that so that’s how I read copy I’m thinking I’m putting myself in the copyright of shoes and thinking what was he thinking here what was the purpose of this one line you know because that’s when you’re gonna take lessons from the copy yeah so a lot of times I just reading them making notes all he wrote this for scarcity oh he wrote that he’s creating urgency here in this section one thing I have a lot of the young people are training copy is I have them take like a letter and then each sentence they make a note card for each sentence of the letter so now you’ve always know cards and then shuffle the out of them throw them down now you gotta go through them and piece them back in the same order that the original letter was in and it trains them to figure out why things go in what order so I haven’t do with all the Gary Halbert letters and they found it really really useful oh yeah more so than just copying the stuff by hand which i think is I think it’s effective is that something you did I’ve never done that yeah I’ve never done it either yeah I did I tried it once yeah I try it a couple times like that that’s not for me and it was very passive yeah I felt like I just wanted to get it over with you’re supposed to learn exactly yeah so we’re talking ideas and unique ideas and stuff like that I one thing I’ve learned from Agora of course is like there’s the idea and then the expression of the idea and they’re two different things because you get a great idea in your head and you’re like this is the winner and you tell to your friend you like you know it’s boring and you’re like no it’s good but it didn’t come out right do you spend a lot of time once you think you have a winning idea I’m massaging it until like if you think you have an idea what’s your process to stress test the idea to see if it’s actually worth pursuing right so we we talk about the ordinary idea that’s how we talk about like the ordinary idea and the extraordinary feeling so the ordinary idea could be just like a dividend from a company like this company that pays dividend and then we’re gonna turn that into some kind of like I’ve done that like a social security contract Canadian Canadian so it was another kroner like my problem that I wrote a problem that was Social Security contract and that’s because this company had they were collecting dividends from the government they were collecting rent from the government because they owned buildings and one of the buildings was like a social security building so they had a contract with the the government so I positioned this whole thing as this social security contract so like is taking that extraordinary the ordinary the attorney to like something extraordinary the way we do that is by using the one belief in my book because that’s how we’re gonna position I position a dividend from a company as a new opportunity right because if I come to you say hey I have this company that pays great dividend you’re gonna be like I heard that before that’s not unique but if I come to you and say hey man I found this Social Security contract that could help you make money then I pose I just positioned a an old an old thing boring stuff dividends as a brand new opportunity so using that one belief that I wrote about in my book no that’s the way I go about deciding if an idea is is worth testing yeah and then once you think it is it’s good right Social Security contract that sounds good I think that hook people in do you go tell your wife and your kids and your friends and see how they respond or how do you just start writing yeah I pitch to senior all the senior copywriters okay I pitch to Joe who’s they the publisher of a core financial and to all the senior copywriters and see how they react and usually you can tell my kids that I don’t share that but it was yeah oh she that’s a great idea yeah so if you don’t get that reaction from people it’s probably not a good idea yeah that’s it’s totally true yeah do you is that formal or is it informal like when you pitch them the idea it’s very formal it’s very important do you let them know you’re about to pitch the idea or do you try and make it like I I just scheduled it’s very casual walking the officer you have this idea Pitch day there and that’s it what what percent of your ideas do you feel like they are like that’s amazing versus try again so at the beginning of my career I would say 20% of my ideas were good the rest were we were like bad just because I didn’t know better but with time you know I I with experienced now I can tell like if an idea is good or not now I’m in a position where people pitch ideas to me and I’m shutting them down or saying yeah that’s a good idea yeah so the table because I mean nothing replace experience right sure with experience you’ll gain that that is skill of knowing how this idea could work yeah so we’re talking ideas and it being unique is obviously very important is there any other criteria that you apply to the idea that you’re like it got to check these boxes also yeah so I usually the boxes that I need to check is has to be unique has to be simple like easy to explain it has to be believable because sometimes they come up with crazy ideas yeah that’s unique no but nobody’s gonna believe that yeah yeah so yeah and having like be an idea that will have an emotional impact and that’s I know that’s kind of vague but you need to understand your audience and their pain points and once you do that you can pretty much tell if they’re an idea has the potential to have an emotional impact on someone like for that social security contract our audience are a baby boomer so they’re thinking about retirement so I knew that was gonna grab that tension right it would have an emotional impact so can you share a couple other they’re like big winning ideas so we have social security contract even things like one more I think well I talked about the presentation to weekly paycheck indicator you know like there was just like a system to using unusual options activity so stuff is boring but I come to say hey I called his weekly paycheck indicator because it’s like you can get a paycheck every week yeah without doing anything just a little bit of stuff yeah so I mean I’m just I’m just asking I’m trying to find a pattern with your ideas and I I one thing i noticed your ideas is that you’re able to say them in like three words social security contract yeah weekly it was a weekly paycheck indicator right and and and all the best big ideas I’ve seen is that people can say them it’s not a sentence it’s like four words you say to someone that get it right away and they’re like that’s interesting it’s very yeah yeah like for us and my market but with people I’ve helped himself there’s a few that are just evergreen right like a challenge six week challenge it just it works and it works and it works and it works a case study works unbelievably well over and it’s like in two words since we challenged three words case study to worry but and I find when people give me ideas if they have to say more than a sentence I just know it’s not gonna be a winner right yeah yeah so yeah that’s true man I was uh working with King Sykes you met Tim I don’t know I you know I he’s awesome on Instagram he’s a great marketer yeah hey so I was at work with him in a project and I was just having a conversation and he was telling me about a strategy that he likes that he likes to open a trade on Fridays because news tend to spread over the weekend and then he closed the trade of Molly and then when he said that I was like to this week in profits tours right and that’d be a huge huge success yeah she’s so like over forty million dollars with that yeah awesome right and it’s two words we can profit yeah like that that’s what you’re getting it’s something it’s there’s something magical about in like a couple words you say it and people get it right away yeah it’s a simple idea like so easy to a grasp in them yes into it’s what your audience already obviously wants yeah alright an extra paycheck every weekend that’s awesome right okay so what about you talking about believability as a criteria for a big idea and I was saying I teach all my god they’re just proof is your dad marketing proof is your God it’s everything can you talk a little bit about about the skepticism of all markets right now with that 4,000 ads a day everyone sees and work please roll net yeah man it’s just crazy right now like I tell my the writers my team nobody’s gonna believe anything you say because they go like page of page making promises you know they think a lot of copyrights think that’s just a matter of making a good promise and I will grab people’s attention that’s the it’s the opposite they stronger your promise is the most skeptical there will be and the more likely they’ll close the page so yeah you can’t you can like you proof is so important this day because these days because everybody is just they’re not gonna believe a word you say don’t believe anything I’d appreciate a told you and I just wanted to test an idea and I said how many of you you’re on a webpage let’s copy sales page whatever and you see testimonials on the page from all these different people how many of you believed those testimonials yeah not a single hand went up 0 out of 100 people believed us in that small sample right and I said now what if it’s not testimonials but it’s like ugly screenshots from a Facebook group of people with their testimonial how many believe that and like half went up for that that means 50% of my audience doesn’t even believe a screenshot yeah is a real testimonials so if they’re that skeptical it’s like yeah you have to bring the proof one thing I always try to do is I want to say even say my webinars and stuff is I’m not making you any promises mhm all I’m gonna do is report to you what other people have done and say that it could happen for you but I’m just I’m not promising I’m reporting and I always try and make that distinction because dude I don’t want to make promises yeah I did that’s a great idea like if you don’t make promises were you telling a story right so like you see you just reporting yeah so there’s gonna be no resistance cuz you’re not making me a promise you’re just telling me a story yeah this is what happened and then that’s very powerful because it’s what I call inception like they’re gonna reach their own conclusions maybe I could make that money yes sir I don’t even need to make a promise so when they reach their conclusion themselves how can they resist to their own conclusion they can’t exactly better to think themselves foolish yeah right it’s Blair Warren right people resist what they’re told never doubt what they conclude exactly yes yeah so how do you how do you do that specifically in in like the inception thing keeping it keeping their their guard down basically his storytelling is definitely one technique what else do you do storytelling what we call pattern interrupt you know like the beginning of the promo we start with a it could be a dam I did that full weekend prophets know because if i if i started the problem telling you hey you could make money on the weekends they will probably close the page and not believe i started the problem with a demonstration of dream psyche say hey it’s friday I’m gonna open a trade and I’m gonna have fun in the weekend so we show a bunch of videos of him having fun and then hey it’s Monday I’m gonna throw the train music using like demo if you can like demonstrations like that that’s one way of breaking down that like defense mechanism yeah so on the flip side what do you think raises the guard like I direct promised hey you can make ten thousand this week this weekend or whatever making a direct promise that’s gonna backfire cuz especially like these days nobody will believe you anyway and you come across as all this guy’s saying that just to try to sell me something do that’s the environment we are now we’re market in yeah yeah and it’s wide like you see when you see banner ads and stuff like that they’re never about making promises I always think about like that college professors hate him right yeah I’ll just hate him like those those don’t say anything about I promise yeah all about curiosity something treating something that I violate your expectations yeah yeah one thing I always always try to like get my guys to do is I call it a viagra promise and I tell by a grab marketed viagra right if they’d come out on commercial and said take this pill and you’ll the erection for four hours people are like you right yeah there’s no way right but instead they say isn’t you take this pill but if you have an erection lasting long and the flowers please call your doctor yeah and you slip the promise in in the guise of a warning right right and the guard stays on exactly it’s everything is most brilliant little marketing technique yeah we want to you so but here’s here’s the question I guess I want your opinion on if promises are gonna create skepticism doesn’t someone need a promise to buy the product yeah but like we talked about and you’re making a promise in an indirect way like that without you’re not making a direct promise you’re gonna write in write your copy in such a way that the reader will reach their own conclusion like oh I can’t make that money because he just told me a story of someone just like me and that guy made money I can make money that wanting to see you almost want them to make the promise to themselves yeah themselves first yep exactly okay and eating like things like saying like I’m not promising anything even saying that to the name makes you more authentic yeah it makes you like oh I can trust this guy these guys honest yeah he’s not just trying to sell me something so that stuff is actually good for coffee so when you were writing you’re like in 2018 I think you your letters that your offers at 80 million dollars right so that year when you’re putting the other that copy that’s gonna make 80 million dollars in sales that year what was your workflow like for producing that copy like what was your day we kind of so that it’ll be clear that 80 million is not just from one okay it’s were multiple promo he’s from from multiple promises I got the a-team uniform was that year with multiple promise yeah okay so what what was your work schedule like in terms of researching creating writing that copy like I know like give me your daily so my workflow is almost never changed so I a lot of people asking do you ever sleep you know cuz cuz I produce a lot okay but I actually sleep eight hours a day and I’m just very efficient I wake up on a mission like before I go to bed I write down like five things that I’m gonna accomplish the next day so when I wake up my mission is to accomplish those five things yeah I’m gonna get them done no matter what so wake up and then that’s it I’m on a mission and then usually I spend my morning writing because that’s when your brings fresh now that’s when I at least me I do my best writing and then I take a break during lunch to go to a gym then come back and then I work more stuff like her ship mentoring editing giving comments to copy of guys my team and and then the rest of they just reading stuff you know like feeling my brain yeah when you were writing those promos that was the schedule then – yeah yeah so how many hours a day would you say you actually are writing like writing actually writing just three hours like maximum that I’m actually writing 3-4 hours because there’s a lot of waiting I’m just reading and reading other people’s copy and just making a few a day so I’ll give you comments when you write is it like when you’re like I’m writing copy now is it like fast and furious and it’s just coming out really quick or is it kind of start and start and stop I think it has to be like that it has to be fast you know cuz you want you want to oust all the guys in my team you want to think slow and write fast and that’s like you want to really think about the idea and it’s what I talked about the one belief and ten questions once you have that once that once that’s clear in your mind is so much easy to just write copy it’s really fast I just wrote a a promo that has almost 10,000 words in one week because I already had the idea and like all they structure in my mind so once I start writing it goes fast yeah okay and do you are you working on the ad creative also for your offers I don’t do all of them I do some of them sometimes we work with agencies and they will write their own ads and then they test a bunch of stuff you know we have other guys in our team that the write ads to to test we’re always testing different ads as you know but I do write some of that stuff too okay cool all right a couple of questions for amp okay what what is your favorite sales letter every famous favorite sales letter ever recently I love the doctor gun during one crack Clemens wrote I’m not to ask about my personal favorite just in the world yeah doctor Gundry one and back in the day in of them America love the letter just because it’s probably the best newsletter in history sales letter that sold the most subscription for Agora in the history of the company so yeah nine hundred thousand customers at least we built a multi-million dollar business from one sales letter that built the entire business a very multi yeah not just a couple era okay and then who who’s like your favorite copywriter ever so my my background is kind of kind of unique because into a few years ago I didn’t even know any of the classic copywriters you know like I never study the classics I still remember back in 2017 I was already like I was already a successful copywriter and I walked into Joe’s office and I told I keep hearing about all these Garry mr. winger Jerry Hubbard should I study those guys and then Joe was like dude you’re already doing all those yo you’re already doing everything that they teach now so Joe was like I don’t think you need to start there but I ignore Joe anyway so back in 2017 that’s when I started like am I should I think I should check out those guys yeah so crazy yeah that’s when I start like studying those guys know cuz I learned I learned copy by studying copy instead of like meeting all day the classic copywriters the Masters I learned mostly by studying seeing what’s working the market right now and think about what is he doing here and premon but I think the last few years I’ve been studying a lot more like the classic copywriters so when you ask me what’s my favorite copywriter of all time I don’t even have an answer to that because I didn’t my is different background and all like yeah probably Gary Halbert he’s definitely most entertaining and that’s dude that’s while you never read any just just well that was in 2000 I have recently like yeah I mean really successful already in seventeen and you never see yeah that’s awesome yeah it’s crazy that’s a while okay so last question if there’s a young copywriter watching this who is 20 or 21 days in college but he thinks copy may be a way out of the rat race and be his own boss what’s your advice to him I would say first you have to be clear that you you must love copy if you want to write copy just to make money you’re not gonna make money because I the copywriters that make a lot of money they just love copy they’re obsessed like me they’re just obsessed with copy now so that’s the first thing that I would do like make sure that that’s what you want to do you love copy you have to be obsessed because it’s such a competitive market that if you’re not obsessed you know you’re not making what’s your clear that that’s what you want I’ll say start writing and reading copy every day because I that just compounds you know nothing’s gonna happen for the first few years you’re gonna feel like oh nothing is nothing is happening like nothing’s happening I’m not seeing any success there I was writing copy for like four years in the war before I became an overnight success right so people only see that overnight thing right of course yeah yeah okay cool say it takes it just takes a dedication and just putting out there the work now I’m like reading and writing coffee every day yeah and there’s no way anyone’s gonna do it unless they just love copy exactly and I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely found that certain people just you to love it or you don’t is that you know when you do yes you you look at every fades funny yeah everything is company you start talking with your friends and copy you text and copy exact everything is count for you you you read copy just for fun tonight sold so are you gonna buy it no just want to read it yeah well thank you so much for sharing the time man you this was great it’s awesome yeah this was fun all right and we will see you guys why would a millionaire show you how to have a full-time paycheck without having a job at all it’s because I just wrote my brand-new book it’s called sewer jobs it’s totally free no strings attached you hit the link below you download it for free right now in two seconds if you want and here’s the thing see I have never had a job in my entire life yet I became a millionaire when I was 24 years old in the last 12 months I’ve helped over a hundred and fifty people from over 60 countries begin to earn a full-time income as well without having a job this is the digital age we don’t need jobs to live life on our terms and do the things that we want so if you want to get my brand new book it’s completely free for the rest of today just hit the link below you’ll get it in literally less than a minute and part of this book by the way was dedicated to my college professor who told me I would never amount to anything so does anyone your life doesn’t believe in you doubts you says you can’t do it get this book and let’s show them what you truly are capable of

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