The History of Apple’s Crack Product Marketing Team

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The History of Apple’s Crack Product Marketing Team

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Morning Wow well it’s wonderful to be here presenting among the greatest developers collected in the world you guys are fantastic you know it was just a year ago here at WWDC when we narrowly averted a major OS 10 naming crisis you you may remember that we were able to deftly shift from names based on big cats two names based on beautiful places in California starting of course with OS ten Mavericks well it’s another year and time for another name and so we collected our crack product marketing team shove them in their VW minibus and set them out on the road now they first ventured south discovering os10 oxnard this wasn’t quite right but undeterred they headed east Landon it o is 1000 rancho cucamonga still we hadn’t quite hit the mark so they boldly ventured north landing at OS 10 we now strangely this one had large pockets of support within the product marketing organization but saner heads did prevail and they set off on what then was somewhat more circuitous path but took them ultimately to a place that embodies the beauty and power of OS 10 we discovered OS 10 Yosemite shir and i’m thrilled to be able to share it with you today we’re going to start with OS 10 now our current release Yosemite is a big bold beautiful release with a gorgeous new UI and breakthrough features like continuity that let you work across your devices like never before now the adoption rate for Yosemite is just incredible in fact over fifty five percent of active Mac users are running our latest update and this is just unprecedented in the history of our industry in fact Yosemite has the fastest adoption rate for any PC operating system ever thank you so for our next big release of OS 10 we knew we wanted to build on those strengths of Yosemite with some really great refinements and advances the only really real question of course was what to call it so we had to once again turn to our crack apple marketing team now in typical California fashion they started with a project kickoff meeting and then headed immediately into a team-building off-site now of course they’re in their traditional Apple marketing free bottom Friday’s attire they say it’s all part of their process I’m sure I get it ultimately this didn’t yield any bet any names so they called in a consultant he told him the answer was to be found within not within themselves but with in Yosemite and so the new name for OS 10 is OS 10 El Capitan good morning good morning it’s great to be back at WWDC to talk to you about OS 10 and of course no presentation at WWDC about OS 10 would be complete without some kind of naming controversy now I’m not talking about some allegedly baked members of our marketing team going on some kind of vision quest around California looking for a special name I’m actually talking about the name OS 10 itself you know OS 10 has been with us a name for over 15 years and it served us so well but as we look at it alongside its younger brethren something sticks out we realize that there’s a name that would be so much clearer and so much more elegant and so we’re making it so the name of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system is now Mac OS now of course each version of Mac OS does have a special name after a place that’s especially important to us here in California and this year’s Mac OS is no different but the choice this time was obvious our latest newest OS 10 is mac OS Sierra

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Posted by Ian

Ian has marketed for some of the world's best-known brands like Hewlett-Packard, Ryder, Force Factor, and CIT Bank. His content has been downloaded 50,000+ times and viewed by over 90% of the Fortune 500. His marketing has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Adweek, Business Insider, Seeking Alpha, Tech Crunch, Y Combinator, and Lifehacker. With over 10 startups under his belt, Ian's been described as a serial entrepreneur— a badge he wears with pride. Ian's a published author and musician and when he's not obsessively testing the next marketing idea, he can be found hanging out with family and friends north of Boston.

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