About Us

About Us

Unique Ideas, Strategies and Tactics
For Rapid Growth

Our vision is to bring the world’s best marketers together, to share ideas and to learn from one another. To bring together the newest and most effective marketing tactics and strategies. And to curate and package those ideas so they’re easy to digest and learn from.

This site is designed for learning, rather than for news. We won’t discuss the latest Super Bowl Ads or Cannes Awards (unless it’s to draw specific lessons from them). Our goal is to help you, the marketer, develop into a more capable and knowledgeable professional. To hone your ability to bring in more sales and customers.

By Marketers, for Marketers

We’d love for you to contribute your ideas. We’ll help you get your ideas in front of as many people as possible.

The core driver behind this website is simple: we make it easy for marketers to share their ideas. We’ll do all the marketing to get as many eyeballs in front of that content as possible – we’ll do the SEO, we’ll email our list, we’ll post to social media. We’ll also give you various tools to use our traffic to build your own audience.

In turn, we hope to attract the best (you!) marketers to contribute their ideas, strategies, and tactics for growing sales and companies.


Ian Luck

Ian is a digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience driving product and brand visibility through various multi-channel marketing campaigns with a focus on customer acquisition, retention, and driving measurable business initiatives. He’s marketed for organizations ranging from SIFI banks to funded tech startups and everywhere in between. Ian has a wide breadth of experience that he now brings with him as the founder of MarketingStrategy.com.