Share Your Ideas

Share Your Ideas

Have insights, case studies, or detailed strategies you’d like to share with our audience?

We’d love to feature you. Unlike other content sites that try and give authors as little promotion opportunity as possible, we make it our mission for you to be successful by writing for us.

Ready to get started? Just send an email to [email protected]

We will actively help you promote your products and services, in exchange for the knowledge you share with our audience.

Here’s how we do that:

Grow Your Audience by Writing for

1) We’ll share our Facebook Pixel with you. You’ll be able to show ads on Facebook to anyone who has read at least 90 seconds of your content piece.

2) We’ll place a prominent call to action at the end of the article, linking to your website or offer. This is not just an “author byline”, but a direct call to action.

3) We’ll promote your content to our email list on a recurring basis. Every few months we’ll send out your article to our email list, so it becomes a perpetual source of traffic for you.

4) We’ll link to your content piece from other content pieces on our site, getting you more eyeballs over time.

5) We only ask for a 1-month exclusive.

Most other publications just take your articles and add a small bio. We build out a whole marketing engine for your content, designed to both grow our site and your business at the same time. We’re partners in making your content piece successful, and a huge part of that success is making sure it’s a good return on the time you put in.

Are You Who We’re Looking For?

  • Tactical advice and tips
  • How-tos and step-by-step guides
  • Case studies with metrics and data
  • Thought-leadership pieces about the future of the industry and marketers’ roles
  • CMO-level strategic pieces about running a marketing organization

We’re looking for authors who can write:

  • You are an “in the trenches” marketer. You’re hands-on managing marketing campaigns, either for your own company or driving the marketing for a company.
  • You can share your experiences from a first-person perspective. We value metrics and data, so the more information you can share about what worked and didn’t work the better.
  • We prefer specificity over generality. It’s better to write well about a narrow subject (i.e. Pinterest Ads) than to write about a wide topic (i.e. “10 marketing tips for startups”.)
  • We prefer long-form content.
  • Our audience is businesses and teams with revenue below $50 million. For strategies that are mostly relevant to larger businesses, please email us first.
  • Screenshots, images, and graphics are strongly recommended. If you can include data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc. all the better.
  • Feel free to keep it personal! Quibs, jokes and good-natured humor are encouraged.
  • If you want to add stock photos, just send us the photo # on and we can purchase the rights to those photos. You can also purchase the photo’s rights and forward the confirmation to us.

Will We Edit Your Stuff?

Expect edits. This doesn’t mean that your article isn’t already great—but we may need to tailor your piece to better connect with our audience.

This includes images! We want you to use your own images, especially screenshots with data and metrics. That said, we may add our own illustrations or images, or remove images, for aesthetic reasons or copyright reasons.

We may also edit your article to make it more understandable to search engines. We do not keyword stuff, but we may make tweaks to get more eyeballs on your piece.

We will also add intra-website links to other content pieces on our site, just as we’ll add links from other articles pointing back to your content pieces. This helps everyone get more traffic to their content.

Interested? Email Us and Let’s Chat!

Send the idea(s) or article(s) you’re interested in writing to us and let’s get the conversation started. We’d recommend sending in the headline or general concept to make sure it’s a good match before you start investing the time in writing it.

Just send your ideas to [email protected]! Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ian Luck
Founder –